All you need to know about Stavanger

Stavanger is a city in Norway located on the Stavanger Peninsula. It’s a large metropolitan area, known for its oil industry, and has a population of over 132,000. Nicknamed the ‘Oil Capital of Norway’, Stavanger was made the on-shore centre for the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea, and since then has grown in stature. The Norwegian energy company, Statoil, is headquartered here, and shares home with various other multinational companies.  

As one of Norway’s oldest cities, Stavanger is home to numerous historic sites. Its points of interest include in monuments, statues, churches and hiking trails. Must visit spots range from Stavanger Cathedral to the speciality museum, Breidablikk.

The city is served by Stavanger Airport, Sola, which offers fast transfers to most top European countries. Its public transport includes trains and buses. Visitors can travel from Stavanger to various other Norwegian towns and cities using the Southern Railway which stops at Stavanger station.

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