All you need to know about Manila

Manila is the capital of the Philippines, and is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. It lies on Manila Bay, with the Pasig River running through it, and has a total 16 administrative districts including Paco, Sampaloc, San Miguel and Tondo.

 It is a major hub for finance, retailing, banking and commerce. Its other key industries include advertising, accounting, insurance and real estate.

First founded in 1571, it has a long, impressive history, and is home to many famous landmarks and institutions. The city has given us many historic firsts in the Philippines, like the country’s first university, stock exchange, water system and rapid transit system.

Many travel far and wide to rejoice in its national treasures like Fort Santiago and the Manila Cathedral. Or enjoy a spot a nature at Paco Park or the San Diego Gardens. Others pass the time with shopping at places like Tutuban Mall and Divisoria Market.

Manila is served by trains, taxicabs and tricycles. Its tricycles or “trisikads” are essentially motorcycles with sidecars, and make for a popular mode of transport. Also popular is its Jeepney - which is basically a jeep that’s decadent design, and incorporates aspects of Filipino art. Its trains are provided the Manila Rail Transit System, which covers various lines. The city also has a ferry service that runs along the Pasig River.

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