All you need to know about Ponce

For a business trip to Ponce, serviced apartments are the best choice of accommodation to maximise the effectiveness of your stay. Our corporate accommodation is tailored to business travellers, offering a level of luxury and comfort hotels cannot compete with. The space and flexibility our corporate serviced apartments offer, as well as the outstanding levels of personalised service we provide, explains why clients book with SilverDoor Apartments time and time again. 

Why choose a SilverDoor Ponce apartment? 

SilverDoor Apartments is a leader in the corporate accommodation market – with many years of experience and some of the best contacts in the industry; we simply understand the needs and expectations of business travellers inside out. We have apartments in over 800 cities worldwide, and our portfolio is constantly evolving to include more locations requested by our clients. A few key reasons why you should book with us include:

Our top rated service. We pride ourselves on our unmatched customer service – a feature which differentiates us from the rest. With experts on hand to give you a personalised, friendly and professional booking experience, you are guaranteed to be impressed with what we offer. For further evidence of how we service our customers, visit out Trustpilot page where you can see for yourself the hundreds of glowing reviews our team has received. 
Expert insights. Thanks to our excellent relationships with our property partners, we have in-depth knowledge about all of our featured properties, and can make enquiries quickly and efficiently to make special arrangements for our clients. Furthermore, we stay in the apartments in our portfolio, meaning we can provide first-hand accounts of property features and their suitability to your needs. 

As soon as you are ready to plan your business trip to Ponce, Puerto Rico, call one of our dedicated account handlers who will personally advice you on the best options available for your requirements. Alternatively, peruse our selection of apartments in the city and wider area on our site to see which property suits you. 

What is a serviced apartment? 

Offering a perfect balance of privacy and luxury services, a serviced apartment in Ponce combines hotel features with private rental space and quality. As more and more businesses get wise to the advantages booking serviced apartments with SilverDoor offers above a hotel booking (or booking through a different provider), the number of corporate clients who embrace corporate accommodation increases. Just some of these clear cut benefits are: 

Additional privacy and flexibility. Within a serviced apartment, there is a sense of privacy which a busy and cramped hotel cannot match. Truly set apart from other residents and usually located within quiet apartment buildings catering to professionals, these apartments are not only spacious and peaceful, but also provide multiple living spaces which allows for greater flexibility on your trip. The choice to cook, eat, relax, entertain or work within your own corporate housing (comfortably) can make a business trip much more productive and enjoyable. 
Excellent value. As well as being comparatively much more affordable than hotels (offering like for like space and features), serviced apartments also offer the added benefit of a tax reduction after a certain duration threshold is reached – meaning long stays in these apartments is even better value for money. This is especially beneficial for colleagues relocating to new cities and in need of long term temporary accommodation whilst awaiting a permanent residence. 
Additional services. The majority of serviced apartments come with multiple included services and amenities (on-site) for your convenience, including: swimming pools, gymnasiums, conference rooms, restaurants, housekeeping, parking and many more. These features are optional, but are there to make your experience more comfortable should you wish to utilise them. 

What do I need to know about staying in Ponce? 

Ponce is Puerto Rico’s most populated city outside of the San Juan area - with a population of around 145,000. Located on the south coast of the island, Ponce enjoys spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea and good links to other islands in the region. 


As the primary shipping port for Puerto Rico, Ponce maintains good transportation facilities. Flights and ships travel directly to the city, as it has its own airport 6 miles east of the business centre (one of only a few on the entire island) and excellent dock facilities. Within the city, there is a bus service covering five routes, as well as many ‘Publicos’ – mini buses and large vans. There are also taxi and rental cars available throughout the city. 


The climate in Ponce can be described as oppressively hot and humid, with temperatures peaking at around 93F. Like other parts of the Caribbean, the city is also open to strong winds and cloud cover, though the temperature rarely falls below 65F. The hottest time of the year stretches from early December to late April. 

What else is Ponce known for? 

Settled by Spanish conquistadors in 1508, Ponce has strong routes in Spanish culture. This is perhaps best demonstrated by the may carnivals held throughout the city year round, including Dia Mundial de Ponce which takes place in September and ends with a Grand Parade through the city. 


Traditionally cantered around the sugarcane industry, Ponce’s economy has broadened since the 50s to include a number of other financial concerns. The area has manufacturing plants which produce electronic and communications equipment, as well as leather produces and more traditional needle work. The city has a number of malls which are indicative of retail growth, and tourism continues to increase year on year.