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City Facts - St Petersburg
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What do I need to know about staying in St Petersburg? 

Russia’s second largest city after the capital Moscow, St Petersburg has a population of over 5 million. Being a significant Russian port on the Baltic Sea, it also has a federal subject status. The city’s name comes from its founder, Peter the Great, who originally named it Sankt-Peterburg. 


Getting around St Petersburg is made easy thanks to its extensive road and rail network. The St Petersburg Metro conveys millions of passengers annually, as does the city’s reliable tram system. Meanwhile, the city’s impressive bus network carry up to three million passengers every day. The nearby Pulkovo Airport serves to bring in visitors to the city by air. 


Its northern position means St Petersburg is exposed to a cooler climate – with its hottest month, July, having an average temperature of just 18 degrees centigrade. January sees a low average of -6, meaning warm clothing should always be packed when visiting this Russian powerhouse.  

What else is St Petersburg known for?


Being a trade gateway for much of Russia and beyond, St Petersburg is regarded as the industrial centre of Russia. Its economic staples include shipbuilding, aerospace, military production and oil and gas trade. These ranges of industries have led the city to develop three large cargo seaports. LMZ, based in the city, produces ten percent of the world’s power turbines for power plants.  


St Petersburg has over 200 museums, including the famous Hermitage Museum and The Russian Museum. Located in the city is also the Mariinsky Theatre, which is home to the Mariinsky Ballet Company and opera. Anton Rubinstein also founded the St Petersburg Conservatory which went on to educate some of the world’s finest musicians, including Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev and Shostakovich.