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City Facts - Zaragoza

Zaragoza is a metropolitan city in the autonomous community of Aragon in Spain. Zaragoza is renowned for its Spanish folklore and Spanish cuisines throughout the city. The city is home to 11th century architecture such as the Aljaferia Palace and preserved Roman remains including an ancient Roman theatre. 

Previously, Zaragoza's economy relied on outlying agricultural produce to sustain the economy, but despite the decrease in produce, the city of Zaragoza has continued to thrive. Large corporations including a factory for Opel Cars have moved to the area, producing vehicles for the United Kingdom to be sold under the Vauxhall branding. 

Every year the city plays host to numerous festivals and carnivals, with some lasting more than nine consecutive days. Zaragoza is also home to Spanish Air Force bases and Zaragoza Airport which plays a large part in the trade of cargo with the area.