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City Facts - Bellevue

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What is a serviced apartment?

Providing an ideal combination of hotel quality services and luxury rented accommodation, serviced apartments offer the best of both worlds to those travelling on business. Fully fitted and ready to be instantly settled into, our apartments, unlike a hotel room, contain everything needed to provide a home-from-home experience, whilst still providing all the conveniences and luxuries necessary when completing a busy business schedule. Below are the key advantages a serviced apartment provides above any other form of corporate accommodation:

·         Incredible value. Compared with hotel suites offering similar size and features (which in itself is a rarity), serviced apartments offer better affordability and value. This value is improved for longer stays, as beyond a certain duration threshold serviced apartment guests benefit from a night tax reduction – making these apartments perfect for colleagues in need of long-term serviced accommodation whilst awaiting a permanent residence.

·         Space and convenience. Serviced apartments are ideal for corporate travellers who need to adhere to their own flexible schedule. Hotels, with their rigorous timings, are less than ideal for business travellers, particularly when rigid meal times interfere with other plans. With a fully fitted kitchen, private space and all conveniences at your fingertips, staying in a serviced apartment allows you to truly stick to your own schedule and adapt flexibly to the demands of your business arrangements.

·         On-site amenities. In addition to the standard housekeeping serviced apartments provide (another huge convenience for busy corporate guests), many apartments also provide optional amenities free of charge. These can include fitness centres and swimming pools for guest who like to maintain their fitness regimes, conference rooms, reception desks and even on-site parking.

What do I need to know about staying in Bellevue?

Bellevue is a municipality of the Canton of Geneva in Switzerland and has a population of roughly 3,300. French is the most spoken language in the area, with English and German following in second and third place respectively.


Spread over a small area of just 4.35 square kilometres, Bellevue consists of 40% agricultural land, and 15% forest land. Approximately 43% of the land is settled, meaning the area is largely rural in nature.


Bellevue typically receives short, warm and dry summers, with temperatures rarely reaching above 88F. Winters, on the other hand, are very cold and wet, with almost constant cloud cover. The coldest temperatures are around 27F.