All you need to know about Lausanne

Lausanne is a serene city in Switzerland nestled on Lake Geneva. Part of the Canton of Vaud, it has a population of over 137,000, and overlooks the French town, Evian-les-Bains. It lies 62 miles from Geneva, and is Switzerland’s fourth largest city.

Lausanne is a prominent site for international sport, home to the International Olympic Committee and the headquarters of the Court of Arbitration for Sport. It shares a border with Switzerland’s idyllic wine region, Lavaux, known for its beautiful terraced vineyards, which run on for some 19 miles.

Much like the rest of Switzerland, Lausanne has a low overall unemployment rate. Those working in the city are split across a number of industries and work either in the primary economic, secondary or tertiary sector. Large companies headquartered in Lausanne include Nespresso, Logitech and Philip Morris International.

The city has an extensive network of national, international and local transport. Its main passenger trains depart from Lausanne Railway station, and run to destinations in and out of Switzerland. As well as metro and local buses, Lausanne also plays host to a number of trolley buses.

Must visit sites include the Olympic Museum, Hermitage Foundation and Sauvabelin Tower. Be sure also to visit port Ouchy and Olympic Park– if nature is your thing.

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