All you need to know about Lucerne

When travelling to the beautiful city of Lucerne on business, a serviced apartment provides all the conveniences and essentials you need to ensure your trip is successful. SilverDoor Apartments has an excellent selection of quality serviced aparthotels in Lucerne, Switzerland which are guaranteed to meet the needs of you and your colleagues.

Why choose a SilverDoor Lucerne apartment?

Lucerne boasts incredible scenery, but SilverDoor boasts the most incredible serviced apartments in the city. We are industry leaders in providing corporate serviced apartments. Booking with us ensures you receive the very best service, and thereby stay in the best apartment tailored to the needs of your business trip and your staff.  We have a proven track record (reflected by hundreds of five-star reviews) of being the best in our field – just some of the benefits our service provides are given below:

·         An exemplary team. Our booking experts are well versed in the art of sourcing the perfect apartment for our clients. We will be with you at every step to ensure your experience with us is first class service, all the way. Where possible we make sure our clients are connected with a representative they know to handle their account or booking – meaning at SilverDoor Apartments your needs are understood every time.

·         Expanding portfolio. With a multitude of long standing property partner relationships, we have a wealth of contacts enabling us to source the very best apartments across the globe. As destinations become more popular with our clients, our portfolio grows to match the demand. Even if a location isn’t populated with apartments on our site – if you let us know where you wish to go we will find a serviced apartment for you.

To book your stay in Lucerne, call our friendly team today and receive personalised guidance from a booking expert. Alternatively, browse all of our available serviced apartments on our website and see the high quality accommodation in Lucerne we have to offer.  

What is a serviced apartment?

Our corporate apartments in Lucerne have been selected with the business traveller in mind. Offering a spacious, private and peaceful environment for you to utilise as best suits you, these apartments serve as ideal hubs from which to conduct your working and leisure hours on any business trip.

A serviced aparthotel in Lucerne provides the following benefits:

·         Privacy and flexibility. A serviced apartment is a much more private form of accommodation than a hotel – offering a spacious area which is secluded and separate. Furthermore, with an aparthotel you aren’t bound by hotel meal times or housekeeping schedules. Indeed, with many of our properties you can dictate the schedule for housekeeping, so your stay isn’t disturbed. The addition of a fully fitted kitchen and living area provides the option to cook, entertain, or work comfortably in your private space, meaning you have much more flexibility when planning each day of your visit.

·         Cost effectiveness. Compared with a hotel offering similar features, serviced apartments are much better value for money. Furthermore, the nightly rate of a serviced apartment reduces when a booking surpasses a duration threshold – meaning our apartments are ideal for colleagues being relocated as longer stays are rewarded with reduced costs.

·         Excellent facilities. The beauty of a serviced apartment is that it blends the privacy and space of a rented property with the first class services and facilities of a hotel. This means that many of our serviced apartments come with extras includes, such as on-site swimming pools and gyms, or restaurants and conference rooms. Our website details all of the available services – included and chargeable – for each property, so you can browse to discover which is best suited to you.

What do I need to know about staying in Lucerne?


Lucerne has a comprehensive network of trains and buses, tickets for which are designated by city area code. Code 10 covers the entire city, making it the most practical ticket for visitors to the city who need to get around between locales and appointments. Alternatively, the city has around 500 licenced taxis – although they are notoriously expensive.


For a relatively small city, Lucerne has an impressive number of bars and clubs which attracts visitors from across central Switzerland. Venues such as Louis Bar offer opulent surroundings of chandeliers, wood panelling and grand pianos – sure to make a memorable evening. A more casual bar, perfect for an informal business meeting over a drink, the Nachbar has an impressive selection of beers, wines and cocktails.


Unsurprisingly, Lucerne – being based in the mountainous regions – is not renowned for hot temperatures. In the height of summer the city averages at 20 degrees Celsius, and in winter the temperature drops into negative figures. Warm clothing is always recommended as is a rain coat – particularly in the wettest month, July.

What else is Lucerne known for?


Due to its proximity to Zurich, Lucerne is a growing concern for many businesses and enterprises looking for a new location. With a low corporation tax and many international schools in the area, the city is also growing in popularity with international travellers, whether travelling for business or leisure. As industrialisation was a late arrival in the region, Lucerne retains a prosperous agricultural sector.


Lucerne entered the history books (besides some stone-age and Roman artefacts) in the 800s, meaning it has a relatively short history compared with other European cities. Documents refer to the area as ‘Luciaria’, meaning ‘place of light’ – and this term is still applied to the city today. In medieval times the town was centred around the Benedictine abbey of Saint Leodegar, who is the town’s patron saint.