All you need to know about Uster

Uster is a city in Zurich, and part of a district with the same name. It has a population of more than 34,000 and is one of the largest cities in Switzerland. Uster’s official language is German. However, many speak a local variant on it.

Uster has a long history stretching back as a far as the 11th century. It’s been occupied many times, and the majority of its land is used for agricultural purposes. It offers rivers, glaciers, spectacular mountains and farmland.

The city has remarkably low unemployment rates. Its economy is split between primary, secondary and tertiary sectors, with much of its adult population in work.

Popular attractions include Jucker Farm, Uster Castle and the Aathal Dinosaur Museum. Also worth seeing are the neighbourhood, Lindenhof, and the shopping mall, Hauptbahnhof.

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