All you need to know about Zug

Zug is a wealthy town and municipality in Switzerland. Part of the canton of Zug, it derives its name from Medieval fishing vocabulary and has a history back centuries. The town has a population of 30,000, and its official language is German.  Other languages spoken include Italian and Serbo-Croatian.

Zug is known for its low taxes, and is home to a number of multinational organisations including BP and Xstrata. Its major industries are capital goods and wholesale trade - specifically financial services and corporate services. Agriculture is another key sector, with the agricultural product Kirsch being of the region’s most important products.

Zug’s attractions range from scenic beaches to fine art. It offers enchanting outdoor spots like Höllgrotten caves and Zugerberg Mountain, and great museums such as Kunsthaus Zug and Zug Castle. Other must visit spots are the Zytturm Clocktower and the Restaurant Schiff.

Transport wise, the town has an extensive bus network, and is also well served by trains. The A4 motorway, which runs through it, is one of the town’s main roads, and connects Zug to the rest of the country. The closest airport to Zug is Zurich Airport, at roughly 40 miles away.

Zug is home to many great SilverDoor serviced apartments, which are scattered about the town in different locations.