All you need to know about Taipei

A population of 2.7 million as of 2016 makes Taipei a large modern cosmopolitan city in Taiwan. With a range of architecturally significant buildings, Taipei is  a vibrant and lively city renowned for its street foods and history. Many international and national headquarters are based within the city, from transport businesses to a large proportion of financial companies, including banks. 

Owing success to the rapid growth of industrialization in the later half of the twentieth century, Taipei and Taiwan have both become popular with corporate travel; and in turn Taipei has become the economic, educational and cultural nerve of Taiwan. It now holds position as Asia's 7th largest economy and holds this title with pride. 

Taipei has now to emerge as a world player in the global economy, which is set for the very near future with further investments taking place within the city. Becoming a member of the Asian Development Bank and World Trade Organisation has furthered this process. 

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