All you need to know about Dubai

Information about Dubai

Dubai’s city quite literally sprung out of the desert to form its now-famous incredible skyscrapers, developments and beaches, Dubai is the second largest emirate within the United Arab Emirates. After making itself known in such a short space of time with its record-breaking landmarks, the city is now pushing for another title and aims to become the business port of Western Asia. With the possibility of this on the horizon due to its free, vibrant economy, the popularity of this destination for business travellers is ever-growing. Demand for serviced apartments in Dubai is therefore at its peak, with options for both short-term apartments and longer-stay relocation accommodation available. Whether you are looking for a Dubai serviced apartment with a swimming pool, a 1 bedroom apartment for yourself, or you’re in charge of looking for a larger 3 bedroom apartment for your team or family, here at SilverDoor we have an array of furnished apartments in our portfolio to meet your needs whilst you are away on your Dubai business trip.


Things to know before going to Dubai

It is not unknown that Dubai is a shopper’s paradise; it currently hosts record-breaking malls which are filled with designer names. However, if the shopping possibilities are not enough to tempt you into booking corporate housing in Dubai, its landmarks and business opportunities are ideal for making the corporate traveller's trip complete. Read on as we outline our recommendations for your next Dubai trip, or check out our Dubai city guide.

Skyline of Dubai

Transport In Dubai

There are any different options for public transport in Dubai that will aid in helping you get to your desired location whilst away. Consisting of buses, water buses, trams and the Dubai Metro, the public transport network has been meticulously constructed to ensure ease of travel. For those who are new to the streets of Dubai, taxis are a great option for when you do not have time to work out a route on your own. Additionally, Dubai is home to one of the world’s busiest airports. Many people use Dubai International Airport as a stopover point for long haul journeys. This makes Dubai serviced apartments a popular option for short-term accommodation for those looking to make a quick stop before heading off on their next flight.

Shopping in Dubai

The multitude of options for shopping experiences in Dubai is enough to satisfy anyone, with the Dubai Mall still remaining an unmissable attraction for those searching for the complete shopping trip. We recommend picking up a map; it is sure to come in handy as it currently stands as the biggest mall in the world. Those who aren’t interested in buying new goods should not be put off visiting the amplitude of malls that Dubai has to offer, with Dubai Mall home to a beautiful aquarium and the Mall of Emirates famous for its inclusion of an indoor ski resort, the magnitude and offerings of these shopping malls are mind-blowing and a must visit.

Things to do in Dubai

When talking about Dubai, the famous Burj Khalifa cannot be left unmentioned. Standing at 829.8 meters, this landmark is currently the tallest in the world and is a must-see attraction. Whether viewing it in its entirety on land or looking out on the jungle of skyscrapers from its observation decks, you are guaranteed a breath-taking view. The manmade wonders don’t stop at skyscrapers, however, as the coastline is filled with miles of beautiful, artificial beaches. From Jumeriah Beach to Sunset Beach, these sandy shores are buzzing hives of activity. The city boasts some truly world-class restaurants and bars, with some amazing options if you’re looking for somewhere to have a business dinner in Dubai.

Dubai Marina at Dusk

Facts about Dubai

It may be known as a cosmopolitan oasis but it wasn’t until recently that this city flourished. Previously, this location relied heavily on fishing and pearl diving to drive the economy. Oil was the catalyst that transformed Dubai into the opulent destination it is now famous for and the money generated from the rich oil market has allowed it to become a clean, modern city filled with modern marvels. Nowadays, tourism is beginning to count towards a large segment of Dubai’s economy, contributed towards by the increase in business travellers visiting the location. You’ll find the artificial concrete have populated with a multitude of magnificent buildings which our Dubai serviced apartments are situated in; perfect for the corporate guest. Check out our guide on Relocating to Dubai if you’re interested in learning more, or read on for more interesting facts about Dubai.

Why stay in a serviced apartment in Dubai?

Serviced apartments in Dubai combine all the comforts and luxuries of a hotel stay, with the added benefit of space, privacy and flexibility. The fantastic value which our Dubai accommodation offers make it an incomparable choice for your stay. Our trusted relationships with our property partners allow us to negotiate the best possible rate for you, especially for those opting for a stay in a long-term serviced apartment where nightly rates decrease as the length of stay increases. Additionally, with the inclusion of fully-fitted kitchens in our serviced apartments, additional costs normally incurred on a trip away such as eating out are eliminated. Select the best option for you from pet friendly serviced apartment in Dubai to corporate apartments with a swimming pool in Dubai we have a great range to choose from. All have comfortable bedrooms, modern appliances and the stylish interiors that Dubai is known for; there is no better choice than a serviced apartment in Dubai.

Why choose a serviced apartment in Dubai with SilverDoor?

Choosing a serviced apartment in Dubai with SilverDoor ensures you can arrive at your destination filled with confidence that you are set for a fantastic trip. By staying with one of the world’s most trusted providers within the corporate housing industry, you are equipped with peace of mind during your stay that you have someone there to help with whatever you need. Our friendly staff are on hand every hour of the day to aid in answering any questions you have about your apartment, or even local knowledge about your destination. Delivering excellent service is very important to us, and our 4.9 star TrustPilot rating is a notable example of this. Make sure to call one of our helpful staff today to make an enquiry and discover how you can make your corporate trip even better with one of our serviced apartments in Dubai.