All you need to know about Fujairah

Landscape view of serviced apartments Fujairah
City Facts - Fujairah
Fujairah is an emirate on the most eastern point of the UAE and is easily accessible from Dubai or neighbouring Oman. During the winter the average temperature is 25°C and during the summer the temperature reaches 40°C. Compared to the rest of the UAE there is more rainfall than average in Fujairah. This is due to its mountainous location and the easterly winds. Fujairah’s community is mainly Arab Islamic but there is also a multicultural expatriate community.

Fujairah City is predominantly a business city, which has strong ties with the cement production, stone crushing and mining industries. These industries are bolstered by Fujairah’s main economic sector, shipping. Due to its location, Fujairah is a prime location for ships trading from the Persian Gulf to gather provisions and repair before heading on their long voyages.

The majority of serviced apartments Fujairah has to offer are in a central location, so guests can easily get around on foot, by hiring a car or by using taxis. The city is a two hour drive from Dubai, and an hour's drive from Oman. Buses also run frequently between Dubai and Fujairah.