All you need to know about Bath

Bath is situated 99 miles west of Central London and 15 miles south east of Bristol. Its main railway station, Bath Spa, lies on the main line between Bristol and London, as well as the line linking Cardiff with Portsmouth.

The city is founded around the only naturally occurring hot springs in the UK. It was first documented as a Roman spa and the waters from its spring were believed to be a cure for many. As a result of its popularity during the latter period, the city contains many fine examples of Georgian architecture, most notably the Royal Crescent. The city has a population of over 80,000 and is a World Heritage Site.

The city boasts a range of museums, galleries and exhibitions. You can visit Bath's most famous resident, Jane Austen at The Jane Austen Centre, or enjoy a meal at the oldest house in Bath, Sally Lunn's Refreshment House and Museum.

For shopping Bath is renowned for its mix of high-street chain and boutique designer shopping with more shops than a city ten times the size.