All you need to know about Cambridge

Cambridge, is best known for its university, which includes the renowned Cavendish Laboratory, King's College Chapel, and the Cambridge University Library.

Drawing on its links with the university, Cambridge today has growth in high tech businesses and science parks around the city. Such companies include Acorn Computers and Sinclair.

As a university town lying on fairly flat ground and with traffic congestion, Cambridge has a large number of cyclists. Many residents prefer cycling to driving in the narrow, busy streets, giving the city the highest level of cycle use in the UK. The central streets are full of interesting shops and cafes with the modern Grafton Centre catering for all mainstream retailers.

The nearest airport is London Stansted, about 25 miles south of Cambridge on the M11 motorway. Trains run hourly from under the terminal to Cambridge station which is about 1 mile south-east of the town centre.