All you need to know about Cardiff

The capital of Wales draws in business travellers not just from all over the UK, but also from all over the world. Our serviced apartments in Cardiff not only offer top of the range accommodation for your trip to Cardiff, but also give you excellent accessibility to key city areas. Our Cardiff apartments in the city centre include a variety of bedrooms, have fully equipped kitchens and a living area, all necessary to be able to relax after a day’s work.

Why choose a SilverDoor Cardiff apartment?

As the world’s largest serviced apartment provider, we have a plethora of Cardiff serviced apartments that are able to cater to anyone’s needs. We have the capacity and availability to accommodate enquiries that we receive, through our diverse range of serviced apartments in Cardiff. This partnered with our vigilant and dedicated team, makes for a smooth and assured stay in Cardiff.

Talking of an assured stay, we make sure that all of our property partners comply with all of our strict terms and conditions. This means that we can ensure not only a safe stay, but also a pleasant one. On top of this, many of our Account Management team have stayed in plenty of our furnished apartments in Cardiff; this adds to our verified service as we can often give our own personal opinion on plenty of our short stay Cardiff apartments.

Our serviced apartments in Cardiff city centre offer up to four bedrooms per apartment. This means that if you have a large group booking, some of our Cardiff apartments will be able to cater to your request. Furthermore, if you are just looking apartment for yourself, this is also catered for by our diverse range of aparthotels in Cardiff.

What is a serviced apartment?

With a fully equipped kitchen included in all of our Cardiff serviced apartments, this allows you to cook when you want to. It also means that you do not have to conform to any restrictions that you may find in a hotel. This freedom also means that if you are coming back late from a busy day’s work, you can either reheat something you made earlier or whip up something before relaxing in one of our apartments in Cardiff.

Combined with a fully equipped kitchen, our Cardiff apartments also come with brilliant bedrooms. With decadent furnishings and top-of-the-range double and twin beds, our serviced apartments in Cardiff are nothing short of what you’d expect from one of the UK’s capitals. Whether you’re in one of our apartments in Cardiff city centre or in the suburbs of the city, the quality of accommodation does not differ.

Our serviced apartments in Cardiff also provide spacious living areas, which are perfect to unwind in. Whether you are staying in a one, two, three or four bed apartment, the living area will also be home to a TV and coffee table. It also means that you can relax and be comfortable in your own abode.

What do I need to know about staying in Cardiff?


As with the rest of the UK, the public transport in Cardiff is widely available and incredibly efficient. With a variety of bus services and bus cards available, there is also a large train station that provides access to key changing stations such as Birmingham New Street and Bristol Temple Meads. As with any capital city anywhere in the world, there is an abundance of taxi ranks around the city enabling quick travel from any one of our serviced apartments in Cardiff. 


Wales is very similar to the rest of the UK in that it has wet and cold winters and mild temperate summers. With highs of around 22 degrees in the summer and lows of 0 degrees in the winter, as well as clearer skies in the summer. It is often thought that it rains in Wales more than any other UK country, however this is not strictly the case.


With traditional Welsh such as Welsh Rarebit and Welsh Cakes rarely served in restaurants across the city, Cardiff is home to plenty of chain restaurants. This partnered with your typical kebab and fish and chip houses you see all over the UK, shows that Cardiff does not differ in terms of national cuisine.


Welsh is still spoken in some parts of Cardiff, however English is by far and away the most spoken language. It is thought only around 20% of the Welsh population speak Welsh, with most adopting the main spoken language, English. This means that when on business staying in Cardiff corporate housing, you don’t have to worry about having to understand the local tongue.

What is Cardiff known for?

Cardiff Castle

If you are visiting Cardiff for the first time, then it is important to grasp an understanding behind the history of the city. Built in the 11th century the castle was built by Norman invaders and is situated nearby some of our serviced apartments in Cardiff. Cardiff Castle is an excellent area to explore when you have some free time in the city.

Principality Stadium

The home of Welsh Rugby, if you find yourself staying in one of our Cardiff apartments whilst an international rugby match is being held, then this venue is a must go. The locals are absolutely crazy about rugby especially when playing their close rivals the English. If you want to experience some true Welsh spirit, then taking a client or a partner to Principality Stadium is a great form of hospitality when staying in a nearby Cardiff serviced apartment.

View of Cardiff Bay's skyline, Wales