All you need to know about Gourock

Gourock is a town in Scotland’s Inverclyde council area. Previously a seaside resort, it lies in Western Scotland and is sub-divided into the following areas: Cardwell Bay, Levan, Midton, Trumpethill and McInroy’s Point. It has a warm and temperate climate and tends to see a lot of rainfall throughout the year. The main language spoken is English and the currency used is the British pound. The town is roughly 23 miles from Glasgow and 63 miles from Edinburgh. Its close proximity to Glasgow and offering of serviced apartments make it a go-to destination for business travel.

The name Gourock derives from a Gaelic word meaning “rounded hill”, with reference to the hill in the town. There is evidence of settlement in Gourock in the 15th century, with the arrival of King James IV of Scotland, who sailed to the town in 1494. Two hundred years later, the town was granted a charter, which raised its status to a Burgh of Barony – in other words, a town under the ownership of a landowner whose estates derive directly from the crown.

In time, Gourock grew from a tiny fishing village to a community known for copper mining, ropemaking, quarrying, yacht-building, and repairing. By the 19th century, Gourock was a popular seaside town offering great attractions and accommodation, including some well-presented serviced apartments. Today, the town retains its open air waterfront swimming pool, whilst offering a host of other points of interest. Its sites range from quaint shops to quirky monuments, such as Granny Kempock’s Stone. Gourock is also home to glorious churches, mansions accommodation options. Popular attractions include Lyle Hill, Lunderston Bay, and Gourock Outdoor pool.

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