All you need to know about Hull

Aerial view of Hull's city centre
City Facts - Hull

Hull’s economy was originally built on trading and fishing. Whilst the city still remains a busy port, its economy is now primarily centred on the chemical industry and the health care sector. If you’re travelling to Hull on business and looking for accommodation that provides you with privacy, comfort and a range of facilities, then a serviced apartment is an ideal solution.

We provide a variety of serviced apartments throughout Hull, offering business travellers the perfect alternative to both long and short term stays in a hotel room. By featuring self-catering facilities, multiple bedrooms and ideal locations, our apartments provide you with accommodation that is flexible, spacious and convenient. If you’re looking for corporate accommodation throughout Yorkshire, we also provide apartments in Leeds and Sheffield.

By contacting a member of the team today, we’ll provide you with an account manager to ensure your next business trip to the city is simple and affordable. Get in touch today to discover the benefits of serviced accommodation in Hull.