All you need to know about Kinross

Finding serviced apartments in Kinross is made easy with SilverDoor, whether you are looking to book one bedroom, two or more bedrooms, or studio apartment style business accommodation. Our apartments and partners are able to cater for both short term serviced accommodation in Kinross and long stay relocation, ensuring that we are flexible enough to meet the specific needs of your corporate trip. Our extensive portfolio is one of the largest of its kind in the industry, meaning that our clients are able to browse the comprehensive list to find the best serviced apartments in Kinross for them.

Around 20 miles northwest of capital city Edinburgh, the Scottish county town of Kinross naturally has an Oceanic climate synonymous with the United Kingdom, meaning that most of the year packing waterproof clothing would be a smart move for corporate travellers. Loch Leven is one of the more notable locations in Kinross, with boat trips across the loch to Lochleven Castle, as well as beautiful cycling and walking trails around the loch, make up some points of interest for visitors.


Travel in Kinross

Serviced apartments in Kinross are conveniently located just off the M90 motorway, so travel by car is relatively easy from almost anywhere in the country. The Kinross council is also currently offering DRT (Demand Responsive Transport) which involves providing bus services to individuals who book 24 hours in advance, providing an effective way for corporate travellers to explore the local area from their short term apartment in Kinross. In terms of railway transport, the links are usable, although not as extensive as they once were, however Locals and MSPs have asked the Scottish Government to publish a Feasibility Study into re-establishing the Perth - Edinburgh Direct Rail Link.

Shopping in Kinross

Perhaps not saturated with the high street shopping options that a city stay provides, your serviced apartment in Kinross will instead be surrounded by a multitude of independent stores, all adding to the character and uniqueness of the town. Gift shops are available aplenty, often also offering their services up as cafes, as well as plenty of farm shops where visitors are able to acquire fresh meat, fruit and vegetables to cook in their apartment kitchen. Naturally there are some small supermarkets and clothes shops also in the area.

Going Out in Kinross

The town is blessed with plenty of friendly places to eat and drink, so the likelihood is you’ll have plenty of options nearby to your serviced apartment in Kinross. Some highlights for food include Grouse and Claret, a beautiful establishment serving European cuisine of the finest order, as well as Le Jardin café, offering great food and outdoor seating. Balgedie Toll Tavern is one of the favourite pubs in the area, another establishment that also offers food to visitors.


The famous ‘T in the Park’ UK festival was held at Balado airfield until 2014, raising the notoriety of Kinross being in close proximity. Other claims to fame for the Scottish town include ex-Liverpool footballer Steven Caulker, who lived with his aunt in Kinross when playing for Dundee.

Kinross also plays host to one of the finest fisheries in the whole of Scotland. The Kinross Trout Fishery located on the village’s edge gives both fly and bait anglers a chance to fish for some of the largest trout in the country.


When it comes to meeting the demands of corporate travellers, serviced apartments are unrivalled in their flexibility. Added apartment and property amenities such as an on-site fitness centre, balcony or on-site café can vary between apartments, meaning that clients can search to find the perfect Kinross serviced apartment to suit them. Serviced accommodation is ideal for long haul stays in an area, due to the comfortable, homely feel that an apartment can provide, with much of the added bonuses of a typical hotel stay also offered. Housekeeping services are frequent, and fitted with fully equipped kitchens or basic kitchenette, guests can cook their meals from the freedom of their corporate housing in Kinross. Property providers are often able to lower the price of a stay if a client is scheduled to spend an extended amount of time in the area, making serviced apartments generally more cost effective than regular hotel stays.


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