All you need to know about Lochgilphead

Lochgilphead is a town in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. It overlooks Crinan Canal and lies close to the small hamlet, Loch Gilp. It’s approximately two miles from Ardrishaig and 24 miles from Inveraray. It has a population of roughly 2,300 people. The main language spoken is English and the predominant currency used is the British Pound. Lochgilphead’s proximity to other Scottish towns means it’s well placed from a business travel and serviced apartment standpoint.

Lochgilphead was founded in 1790 and started life as a planned settlement. Its development went hand-in-hand with the completion of a new road from Inveraray to Campbeltown. Following the opening of Crinan Canal in 1801, Lochgilphead went on to become a key hub adjoining the Kintyre peninsula. In 1831, Lochgilphead received a new pier, and, with that, became better connected to other major towns. More recently, the town was selected as the administrative hub for the Argyll and Bute District Council. As Lochgilphead has grown, so too has its reputation as a business travel destination and serviced apartment centre.

Today, Lochgilphead is a site for valleys, castles and other historic sites. Popular attractions include Dunadd fortress, Kilmory Knap Chapel and the Lunga Riding Stables. Other sites worth seeing are Castle Sween and the Arichonan Clearance Village. Many of these attractions are easily reached from the serviced apartments that SilverDoor offers in Lochgilphead.

Lochgilphead is linked by buses, coaches and trains. There are more than 20 local bus services in the town and a total of four express coach services which run to Glasgow and back. The closest airport to Lochgilphead is Campbeltown Airport, at roughly 50 miles away. We offer serviced apartments in touching distance of many of these transport links, which makes business travel to the town flexible and convenient.