All you need to know about Perth

City Facts - Perth

Perth is a city in Scotland that overlooks the River Tay. It has a population of more than 47,000 and a maritime climate characterised by mild winters and cool summers. It’s twinned with the German town, Aschaffenburg, and shares a name with two other Perth’s around the world – one in Australia and another in Canada.

Perth has been occupied since prehistoric times. There is evidence of settlement there as early as 4000BC, with the discovery of standing stones and circles.

In the 12th century Perth was regarded as a capital of Scotland, on account of its regal residences and Royal Burgh status. The city traded closely with France as well as the Low Countries and Low Countries, who, in turn provided goods such as French Wine and Spanish silk.

On various occasions, Perth came under occupation by Jacobite supporters, and, with the opening Perth Academy in 1760, more business was brought to the city in form of major industries such whisky, leather, linen and bleach.

Today, Perth is a thriving retail centre and administrative hub. It has a diverse economy, made up of public and private sector companies, and is a main employer for the NHS. Its shopping run, which runs from St John Street to Scott Street, is home to many well-known stores, which make its popular with tourists. Sights worth visiting in Perth include The Batch Watch Castle & Museum, Scone Palace, Hutingtower Castle, and Perth Museum and Art Gallery. Lovers of the great outdoors are advised to head up Kinnoull Hill, or pay visit to Woodland Park.

Perth is important transport hub for Scotland. It is connected by the M90 motorway - which runs to Edinburgh – and the A9 road which links to Glasgow and Stirling. It is also served by the A85, A93, A94, and A90 roads. Perth railway station offers regular services to Edinburgh, Fife and Glasgow, and the city is also covered by a number of buses.


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