All you need to know about York

York is beautiful walled city in North Yorkshire, rich in history that overlooks the rivers Ouse and Foss. It’s home to the University of York and has a population of more than 200,000.

Guy Fawkes - the famous Roman Catholic responsible for the Gunpowder Plot - was born here, along with composer John Barry, and, at various points in time, the city has played host to important political events.

York’s economy is predominately centred on the service industry, and split between employment in health, education, finance, IT and the public sector.

Like most Roman cities, it’s roads are well connected, and run on to places like Tyneside, Liverpool and Leeds. Its railway links are also good. York Railway Station operates a regular service to London, Newcastle and Edinburgh via the East Coast Main Line. TransPennine Express, another local provider, likewise, has trains running from York to Leeds, Scarborough and Manchester Airport.

There are lots of brilliant things to see and do in York, from a visit to a cold war bunker, to a walk along the famous street, Shambles. York’s top museums include Fairfax House, the National Railway Museum and The York Army Museum. Other sites worth checking out are Castle Howard and Clifford’s Tower. 

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