All you need to know about Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is a city in Michigan, USA. Part of Washtenaw County, it overlooks the Huron River and consists of valleys and hills. It has a population of more than 110,000 and covers an area of roughly 28.70 square miles. The main language spoken is English and the predominant currency used is the US Dollar. Ann Arbor’s commercial status makes it popular with business travellers who choose corporate housing as their primary accommodation option in the city.

Ann Arbor was established in 1823 by two couples, and, in 1824 became the seat of Washtenaw County. In 1833, it was founded as a village, and, in 1851, it went on to become a city. Alongside this transition, Ann Arbor’s population grew and so too did its reputation as a business travel hub. Other important developments at this time include the opening of the Kempf House Museum and the establishment of the University Of Michigan Medical School. This period is also marked by the arrival of the Michigan Central Railroad to Ann Arbor.

In the lead up to the 21st century, Ann Arbor experienced an evolution in its economy, which has gone from being manufacturing-focused to technology led. As of 1999, the town has been home to more than 20 libraries and research centres, which have helped draw business travellers from all over the world to the city and as a result has increased the developments of corporate housing in Ann Arbor.

Popular attractions in Ann Arbor include the Hill Auditorium, the Law Quadrangle and Michigan Stadium. Other sites worth visiting include the University of Michigan and Michigan Centre. We offer corporate housing close to all these attractions, providing you with a comfortable stay in Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor connects to the following three freeways: Interstate 94, U.S. Highway 23m and M-14. It’s also joined by U.S. Highway 12 and M-17. A regular bus service runs through Ann Arbor and is provided by the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority. Meanwhile, Greyhound Lines offers intercity buses in Ann Arbor. The closest major airport to Ann Arbor is Detroit Metropolitan Airport, at roughly 20 miles away. Our corporate housing lies in close proximity to all such transport links, making it a perfect accommodation choice.

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