All you need to know about Arlington

Arlington County is situated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the famous birth place of the first US president, George Washington. Arlington is located directly west of the US capital, Washington, DC, making the county a prime residential location for professionals who need to commute to the capital on a daily basis.

Arlington is among the USA’s most educated places, with over 70% of the population having a Bachelor degrees or higher. The main fields of employment are media, the government and the defence sector. The US Department of Defense, the Department of Justice and the Department of State are the three largest employers.

Visitors to Arlington will find a wealth of attractions such as the well-known Pentagon, the world’s largest office building, or the Rosslyn Escalator, the third longest escalator in the world. Alternatively, the Theodore Roosevelt Island National Park is the ideal place for a quiet stroll and is particularly popular during the summer months.

The Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is situated just over 5 miles from central Arlington, to which it is linked directly via the metro. This is also the most convenient way to travel around Arlington as the county developed around these links, meaning almost everywhere can be accessed easily.