All you need to know about Austin

Austin is one of the largest state capital cities in the United States and is located in central Texas along the Colorado River. The city features its own central business district, also known as Downtown, which houses the state’s high rise buildings and is home to many of the city’s multinational firms. The city experiences a long hot summer every year making it a popular tourist destination, Austin is also famous for having the most live music performances in the US.

Being a centre of live music, Austin features a multitude of festivals throughout the year, as well as a vibrant bar and club scene. Austin is a metropolitan city offering an all-round experience in dining, shopping and business. Designated strips include 6th Street downtown for entertainment venues and boutique shopping along West 2nd Street.

Austin features commuter rail services as well as an Amtrak service which operates the Texas Eagle, a daily train between Chicago, San Antonio and Texas, ending its journey in California. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is the nearest airport to Austin, a 15-minute drive outside of the city centre. The airport carries frequent flights to destinations across America, other destinations include London.