All you need to know about Denver

Denver, in the state of Colorado, is located in the South Platte River Valley on the High Plains just east of the southern Rocky Mountains. Denver is known as ‘The Mile-High City’ as it is situated exactly one mile above sea level.

Denver has a semi-arid climate meaning it has four distinct seasons. Snow typically falls from October to April, especially on the mountain ski resort, west of the city. The monsoon season begins in July and can sometimes cause severe thunderstorms. The average highest temperature in the city’s summer months is 29°C with generally low humidity levels.

Denver is the largest city within 600 miles and is therefore used as a location for distributing services and goods to the Mountain States. Its economy is based around its geographic position and is home to over 200 parks. Popular destinations in the city include their nationally recognized museums, such as the Denver Art Museum and the LoDo neighbourhood, which is home to a range of restaurants, bars and clubs.

North east of the city is Denver International Airport which is accessible via the skyRide express bus which provides frequent services to the airport.