All you need to know about Freehold

Situated between New York and Trenton, the Freehold Township is an area in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The Freehold Borough can be found nestled within the township and has a population of 11,894 as of 2017. An influx of the Hispanic population to Freehold has seen the borough grow and develop into a multi-cultural community. Corporate housing and furnished apartments in Freehold allow business travellers to the town more space, flexibility, and privacy during their stay.

The Lenni Lenape Native Americans, a group of prolific hunters of small birds originally inhabited the area of Freehold. Dutch explorers in the late 1400s settled in the area and began to develop the town into an agricultural centre. By the 17th century, English settlers inhabited the area and a small village began to be constructed around the Monmouth Courthouse, which had been the seat of Monmouth County. With the growth of the village, the agricultural trade in the town began to grow as well as becoming a renowned location for horse farms and after the Revolutionary War, freehold steadily increased in population and urban developments. During the 20th century, Freehold became increasingly divided about how to spend any town money and resulted in the communities of Freehold Township and Freehold Borough divided into two. Freehold Borough is now one of 21 pairs of “doughnut towns”, or municipalities that completely surround other municipalities.

Freehold Borough is now a thriving town, home to well-known restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. Many residents living in the borough commute to nearby Trenton for business or work in the service industry within Freehold. Corporate housing and furnished apartments in Freehold Borough mean a quiet location with plenty to do whilst commuting to nearby cities for work.

Freehold borough furnished apartments are located within easy reach of the attractions of Freehold. IPlay America can be found to the south of the town and provides families with an indoor theme park with rides and games to enjoy. If you fancy something more sedate and tranquil then head for a walk around Monmouth Battlefield State Park or Lake Topanemus Park.

US Route 9 passes straight through Freehold, making the borough easily connected with other towns and cities. Many regular bus services pass through and serve the town and the surrounding areas as well. The nearest airport to Freehold Borough is Newark Liberty International Airport which is less than an hour away from the town centre.

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