All you need to know about Lowell

Located in Massachusetts and situated a short distance from Boston, Lowell is a prime location for business travel and corporate housing in the state. Lowell has a population of 110,000 and is the second largest metropolitan area in the Boston region.

Originally an important location for the Pennacook Indians, the land became an important fishing ground for settlers in the area. As the city established itself it became a significant place for providing water to the factories in the area. This resulted in a boom and, referred to as “The Lowell Experiment”, became the United States’ largest textile centre. In turn, Lowell became known as the cradle of the American Revolution

Nowadays, Lowell is a vibrant centre and hub of industry, factories, and corporations. The city has recently become noticed for its new developments in accommodation, education, and career training and opportunities.  The city boasts an impressive range of diverse business including Coca-Cola, Colonial Gas, and Lowell Sun Publishing Company. Many of the city’s residents are employed by the public service sector and Lowell attracts about 500,000 visitors on an annual basis. Business travel to the area is extremely popular and with this corporate housing in Lowell has increased. Corporate housing and serviced apartments in Lowell offer close proximity to many of the large businesses as well as transport links to and from Boston.

There are plenty of things to do and see in the city and surrounding areas. State parks and reservations allow business travellers to take time out of their busy schedule and benefit from walks, hikes, and cycle paths. Corporate housing is located near to numerous museums that captivate visitors and preserve Lowell’s heritage as an industrial city.

Lowell is well connected by transport, from Interstate 495, U.S Route 3 and the Lowell Connector to public transport routes served by the MBTA’s commuter rail Lowell line. Daily departures from Lowell reach Boston within 50 minutes making the city ideal for business travel to Boston as well as the surrounding areas of Lowell.

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