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Looking for corporate housing in Massachusetts for your next business trip? Whether it's for yourself, your family, your employees, or your clients, SilverDoor apartments can confidently help you find affordable and flexible corporate housing in the Bay State. Browse our luxurious selection of Massachusetts serviced apartments and don't hesitate to get in touch with our expert team to find the best space to suit your needs. 

Top Cities in Massachusetts

All you need to know about Massachusetts

About Massachusetts 

The state of Massachusetts has a diversified economy which is largely comprised of industries including technology and tourism, welcoming over 23 million visitors a year. As a New England state bordered by land and sea, the Massachusetts nickname is ‘’The Bay State’ due to its eastern coastline. Made up of cities such as Boston – being its most iconic, as well as Springfield, Worcester, which are growing popular for business traveller and islands like Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard which boast popular holiday destinations. As such, our selection of serviced apartments is unparalleled – providing the ultimate diverse collection of furnished apartments to suit your requirements. Whether you are looking to rent for long term or short-term stays, our apartments are strategically located in the key cities across the state, to ensure comfort and convenience. At SilverDoor we offer a variety of one- to three-bedroom apartments to suit your preferences. Get ready to explore Massachusetts and let SilverDoor make your stay one to remember.

Facts about the State of Massachusetts

Known as the Bay State due to the fact it is home to one of the most famous bays in the country, Cape Cod, Massachusetts is the seventh smallest state in the United States covering 10,555 square miles.

Massachusetts is a region profoundly influential upon American history, academia and the economy. The sate ranks highly in education and health, quality of life and safety as well as the economy. Home to top educational institutions like Harvard University and MIT, Massachusetts top attractions are rich with history and culture.

  • State capital: Boston
  • State population: 6.98 million
  • Time Zone: EST (UTC -4)
  • Key industries: Technology, Finance, Education and Tourism  

Keys Cities in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Travel Guide: Planning Your Visit

If your thinking of travelling to Massachusetts, rest assured that our selection of serviced apartments are located in all areas of the state, so you can get the full experience on your visit. The Bay State is vibrant and fast growing, offering many business opportunities and exciting developments.

Things to do in Massachusetts

Fenway Park – Home to Boston’s baseball team the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park opened on April 20th, 1912. This iconic ballpark is where generations of fans have gathered to watch their much beloved team and is an exciting thing to do on your visit to the state.

Martha’s Vineyard – This picturesque island, just 7 miles off the coast of Massachusetts is a dream vacation all year round. With shopping, sports, farm visits and spa days, Martha’s Vineyard take 50 minutes to get to by ferry from New Bedford.

Harvard Square and Museums - This prestigious university is an attraction in itself, filled with historic buildings and exceptional museums. From art galleries, archaeology and zoology, Harvard University in Cambridge is a must visit.

Transport In Massachusetts

With an advanced public transport system, Massachusetts is an accessible state, and it is simple to travel between cities and towns. Transportation in this state includes car, bus, rail, boat, and plane. The capital city Boston has its own transport system, the MBTA, which is the oldest in the nation.

By rail – Massachusetts has many rail services running across the state and throughout its cities. Within the capital, Boston offers a subway and commuter train which is convenient for getting around this busy city.

By air – Massachusetts has many airports, with its biggest and busiest being Boston Logan International Airport, which sees 33.6 million passengers a year. Second to this is Worcester Regional Airport which services Central Massachusetts.

By bus – As one of the smaller states, Massachusetts is extremely accessible by bus. All Massachusetts cities provide efficient bus services to quickly get you from A to B. In addition to this, there are also intercity services provided by companies such as Greyhound.

Things To Know Before Visiting Massachusetts

When staying in Massachusetts corporate housing on business, there are some key things to note about this state.

Mixed climate – Massachusetts is notorious for its mixed climate. I can fluctuate day to day and even hour to hour. Cooler weather is always a possibility – even in the summer and especially on the coast.

Accessible – As the sixth smallest state Massachusetts is very easy to travel around in. You can get from Boston to Pittsfield – which is the other side of the state – in just 2 hours and 30 minutes by car.

Plan your trip – If you're planning on visiting Massachusetts and want to prepare for your trip, you can now do this on the “Plan Your Trip” feature on the Visit Massachusetts website.

  • Why choose a serviced apartment in Massachusetts with SilverDoor?

    When travelling on business, having a base to call home is essential. A Massachusetts serviced apartment is ideal as it provides distinct living areas in which to work, sleep, relax, cook, and entertain. Unlike a standalone hotel room, Massachusetts corporate housing comes with all you could need to live comfortably and self-sufficiently according to your schedule. Furthermore, serviced apartments often benefit from hotel-like services such as housekeeping and onsite amenities (such as gyms, pools, restaurants and conference facilities) meaning you needn’t spend precious time sourcing the essentials during your stay.

  • How to get in touch with Silver Door Apartments?

    You can get in touch via the SilverDoor Apartments Contact Us Page 

  • Why choose SilverDoor Apartments?

    Serviced apartments in Massachusetts offer the freedom you need while visiting on business. With SilverDoor, you can also expect the very best service and support at every stage of your stay. Our portfolio of Massachusetts corporate housing options is unrivalled, meaning that wherever in the state you need to visit, we can accommodate your needs. Our dedicated Americas office and team can also provide exceptional knowledge about your destination, while also securing the very best rates on the market. As an impartial agency, we provide unbiased options best suited to your needs.

  • What Are The Different Types Of Serviced Apartments In Massachusetts?

    Our serviced apartments in Massachusetts range from studio and one-bedroom apartments, offering simple, flexible, and well-equipped spaces suitable for individuals or couples, to two-bedroom and larger options, ideal for families and larger groups seeking more space, privacy, and functionality. Regardless of the style, all of our serviced apartments are designed to provide comfortable and convenient living.

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