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SilverDoor Apartments Hosts First Partner Engagement Day

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SilverDoor Apartments Hosts First Partner Engagement Day

Written by on 13th September 2019
Category: Business travel and relocation, Serviced apartment news, SilverDoor news

We are extremely pleased to have hosted the first of our new series of Partner Engagement Days. On Thursday the 12th of September at our London headquarters, we welcomed over 60 guests from 40 serviced apartment companies from across the UK and beyond. We wanted to give our property partners the opportunity to engage with […]

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Where to stay in London? The Top 5 Trending London Districts for Serviced Accommodation

Written by on 13th September 2019
Category: Business, London, Serviced apartment news

Since its earliest development, London has been integral to Britain’s financial and economic advancement. In the first century AD, occupying Roman forces established London as both the nation’s capital and a fortified port city, noting its fortuitous placement for conducting trade with various ports across the European continent. Today London is a prominent influence on […]

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The Best Corporate Housing in Boston: Make the Most of Your Next Business Trip

Written by on 30th August 2019
Category: Business travel and relocation, City guides

When people think of Boston, a few things spring to mind: The Boston Red Sox, Harvard University and Good Will Hunting. All of these things add to the city’s overall appeal as a historic, cultured East Coast metropolis. However, away from these popular traits, Massachusetts’ iconic capital is also a booming business hub that has […]

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7 Excellent Serviced Apartments in Frankfurt

Written by on 28th August 2019
Category: Business travel and relocation

With budding business opportunities, an unrivalled corporate culture and increasing job opportunities now as prominent as the city’s multitude of skyscrapers, our serviced apartments in Frankfurt are an excellent opportunity to be in the heart of a leading city. Currently distinguished as Europe’s business obverse that seems to be steadily rising amongst the uncertainty of […]

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Eric’s APAC Rundown: The Best 8 Serviced Apartments in the Asia Pacific

Written by on 27th August 2019
Category: APAC

By Eric Sin I’m coming up to my third anniversary as a Partner Account Manager at SilverDoor Apartments, but I’ve spent my whole career working in the global mobility industry, amassing some 15 years of experience. In that time I’ve worked alongside property partners all across the APAC region, from Singapore to Sydney and Shanghai […]

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8 Outstanding Serviced Apartments in Sydney, Australia

Written by on 6th August 2019
Category: APAC, Featured apartments

As recently highlighted in our 22 Things to do in Sydney guide, Australia’s second most frequently visited city continues to grow in popularity as a business travel destination. Should you require a residence for a business trip to Australia, perhaps as a base from which to liaise with potential clients or expand your operations, our […]

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