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Best Places in London to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Written by on 8th October 2018
Category: Travel

Thanksgiving is a huge cause for celebration in America, and, as a business traveller coming from the States; you may be at a crossroads as to what to do for it. Americans spending Thanksgiving in London are spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants and bars, but how many are pulling out the stops […]

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Top 10 Cool Business Travel Gadgets for 2019

Written by on 5th October 2018
Category: Travel

Business travellers are more tech-ready than ever before. Today’s road warrior takes not only their phone and laptop with them on trips away, but a whole host of other devices which meet all manner of needs. With all business travel comes an element of organisation and planning, and so having the right travel gadgets at […]

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Inside Scoop: Capri by Fraser

Written by on 28th September 2018
Category: Serviced apartment news

Frasers Hospitality is a property operator we’ve been working with for a while now, and this year, the company celebrated its 20th Anniversary. First founded in 1998, Frasers has grown significantly since then, and today provides more than 24,000 keys worldwide across 5 brands – each with its own unique offering. Capri by Fraser is […]

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11 Places That Have The Same Name in Britain and America

Written by on 27th September 2018
Category: Travel

The reason behind why so many place names in America are the same as in England is not because Americans are unoriginal, it’s because these places were named after them. From escaping religious or political persecution to seeking out the riches of a new land, migration from areas of Europe has long been commonplace. Wherever […]

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The Global Coffee Index

Written by on 24th September 2018
Category: Travel

A good cup of coffee is the only way to start the day for many of us, but where in the world would you pay the most for your morning brew at your local coffee shop? We’ve analysed data from every country in the world to find out, and found that the average cup of […]

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A Simple Guide to Baggage Allowances on Europe’s Major Airlines

Written by on 22nd September 2018
Category: Travel

Packing your bags for a holiday or business trip abroad can be challenging at the best of times, and with each airline offering different baggage allowances, it can be downright confusing – especially in instances when you’re required to pay on top of your plane ticket. We’ve put together a simple guide detailing the baggage […]

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