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2017s Most Common Travel Scams & How To Avoid Them [Infographic]

Written by on 12th July 2017
Category: Travel

Anyone who is well travelled will tell you that, regardless of how prepared you are for your journey, it’s likely that you’ll come across a scam or two here and there – it’s more common than you might think. With that being said, knowledge is power and the more you know will prevent you from […]

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Sky Boxsets to Binge Watch in Your Serviced Apartment

Written by on 11th July 2017
Category: Serviced apartment news

Just as soon as the term ‘box set’ became a commonly used phrase, people ditched their DVDs and started streaming. The good news is the term has been carried over by our friends at Sky who have a whole host of series ready and waiting to be binge-watched. With many of the serviced apartments we […]

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Revealed: The 25 Most Creative Towns & Cities In The UK

Written by on 6th July 2017
Category: City guides

Whether you’re an artist, musician or designer, or if you just like surrounding yourself with creative types, where in the UK would suit you most? We were wondering just that, and have taken a look at 50 of the country’s most populated towns and cities, ranking them based on their creativity. We looked at the […]

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13 Experts Share Their Top Tips On Remaining Productive On A Business Trip

Written by on 6th July 2017
Category: Business

So, you’re travelling for business, perhaps meeting a client, or expanding your knowledge and contacts at conferences. No matter your task, you’re there to work, and that in itself presents a new challenge for some. Travelling is often enough to vex anybody, but as you bring your work with you, you find yourself managing different […]

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Best Aparthotels in London’s Most Exclusive Postcodes

Written by on 30th June 2017
Category: London, Travel

Looking for somewhere special to stay in London on your next business trip? Many of the city’s streets are among some of the richest in the world, with a longstanding reputation for glitz and glamour. On them lie mansions, penthouses, stately homes and, of course, serviced apartments. Our corporate offering in London spans more than […]

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Top Seven Business Lunch Destinations in London

Written by on 29th June 2017
Category: Uncategorised

Not all important business decisions are made in a boardroom. Getting a deal across the line or a new partner on-board can sometimes boil down to a good meal or the right bottle of wine. After all, we humans are social creatures. And that makes us highly susceptible to the power of food and drink. […]

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