All you need to know about Amsterdam

When booking an important business trip to Amsterdam for yourself or your colleagues, nothing comes close in terms of convenience, privacy and cost effectiveness to a serviced apartment. Amsterdam is a thriving city filled with business opportunities, and as such finding the best corporate apartment for your working needs is vital. SilverDoor Apartments is your first point of call for locating serviced apartments in Amsterdam suited to you.

Why choose a serviced apartment in Amsterdam with SilverDoor?

Not only is SilverDoor Apartments a leading corporate serviced apartment agent, it is also a thoroughly recommended brand boasting hundreds of 5 star reviews. With excellent knowledge of the locales where our corporate serviced apartments are based worldwide, we can advise you on every element of your stay. Want to know the best places or restaurants to visit in Amsterdam? Contact us, or simply visit our extensive blog collection of city guides and articles.

SilverDoor Amsterdam serviced apartments offer an endless number of benefits. Not only do we have a collection of aparthotels spanning Amsterdam’s districts – making our serviced apartments much more convenient than hotels – we also go the extra mile to ensure your requirements are taken care of by providing:

·         A service catered to you. We assign our clients with a specialist who will follow a booking from enquiry to completion and beyond. We believe in making strong relationships and our team is always eager to assist you however possible so you are confident that your accommodation is taken care of.

·         An inside knowledge. As well as maintaining robust relationships with our clients, we have excellent relationships with all of our partners. Subsequently, we know our properties inside and out. We can advise you on the exact specifications on offer at all of our serviced apartments and can guide you to your perfect booking.

·         An unequalled portfolio. At SilverDoor Apartments we are always expanding our selection of high end corporate serviced apartments in Amsterdam and throughout the world, meaning you have a greater range of quality accommodation to consider – no matter where your business trip takes you. 

When you are ready to book your serviced apartment, Amsterdam with SilverDoor Apartments, call a member of our friendly team to receive immediate assistance and advice. Alternatively, you can of course browse our extensive collection of aparthotels directly through our website. 

What is a serviced apartment?

It is often our instinct to consider hotels for travel accommodation – especially when arranging a business trip – but the positives of serviced apartments outweigh those of hotels to such a degree that the preferred choice is clear. Corporate apartments are stylish, well-appointed residences which can be used for both short-term and long-term stay (depending on your requirements). With serviced apartments in Amsterdam you receive the optional services of a hotel with the benefits a private space has to offer:

·         Cost effectiveness. Like-for-like, serviced apartments are often much better value than hotels. Additionally, a corporate serviced apartment decreases in cost the longer you stay – beyond a certain threshold – and so for long business stays are ideal.

·         Private and personal. With a SilverDoor serviced apartment space is provided as standard. Unlike a cramped hotel room, with your chosen apartment you have plentiful room to relax, work and entertain at your own pace. You can opt to eat a self-prepared meal and set maid service preferences so you can have undisturbed time when you need it.

·         Luxury and ease. All of our Amsterdam serviced apartments come outfitted with stylish décor, modern appliances and luxurious extras. Many apartments benefit from on-site gymnasiums, swimming pools and many more fantastic services: all available to you should you wish to take advantage of them.

Tips for staying in Amsterdam

Between appointments and meetings, you will likely have time to fill in this cosmopolitan and contemporary city when not enjoying your serviced apartment, Amsterdam. Below we have listed some key information which will help inform you of how best to use your time in Amsterdam.

Transport in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is an impressive gateway to the Netherlands, and hints at the city’s modern and technologically sophisticated culture. Once in the city, there are plenty of transportation options available, including metros, trams and trains. To take advantage of all the public transport system, Amsterdam offers the I amsterdam City Card which makes movement throughout the city straightforward and convenient.

For a more relaxed way to travel, consider the various water taxis which ferry visitors throughout Amsterdam’s canal system every day. Alternatively, the city has a variety of trusted road taxis you can employ for quick journeys between appointments.

Going out in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s international reputation extends to its wide range of multinational cuisines at top rate restaurants throughout the city. From trendy ‘snack’ venues and pancake houses to Michelin standard dining experiences, Amsterdam is far from short of eateries. Similarly, the city boasts an impressive array of bars and cafes, including ‘brown cafes’ – a traditional class of bar cemented in local Dutch culture.

Weather in Amsterdam

With a mild climate typical to Northern Europe, Amsterdam has relatively predictable weather. As such, Amsterdam summers are generally warm to hot whereas the winters tend to be contrastingly cold, with wind, rain and snow featuring regularly. Rain is a staple of the Netherlands (as with much of Europe), so always be prepared for a sudden downfall.

Facts about Amsterdam

Amsterdam is regarded as a city reflecting modern values and a contemporary approach to inclusivity. As such the city is especially welcoming and friendly, and an atmosphere of safety and ease can be felt throughout its many streets. In fact, the city is home to 168 different nationalities. Amidst this modernity, not far from any of our serviced apartments in Amsterdam you can find interesting historical landmarks from eras of development.

History of Amsterdam

Beginning as a humble fishing village in the 12th century, Amsterdam has developed into one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Particularly impressive is the city’s development, having been built upon piles – huge stakes driven into the earth. Over 6,000 of these stilts hold up Central Station. As you might expect for a city built on water, Amsterdam has more than ten kilometres of canals running through it, which are still lined with the historic houses once owned by rich 17th century merchants.

Going green

Amsterdam is one of the 'greenest' and eco frinedly cities in Europe.The city of Amsterdam has long been synonymous with bicycles – just one way in which its inhabitants demonstrate a care for the environment. It is estimated there are 847,000 bicycles being used in the city, with many people finding the ‘bike friendly’ road and pavement network an efficient alternative to motor vehicle transportation.

Famous characters of Amsterdam

The Netherlands is famous for particular individuals who have left an impact on global culture. Notably, Amsterdam is home to the Van Gogh Museum, and the city houses 207 paintings by the Dutch painter. These art works attract a large number of visitors who travel especially to see the Van Gogh collection. Drawing just as large an audience is the Anne Frank House which resides in the centre of the city. Complete with a museum and offering the opportunity to explore the annex where Anne wrote her diary, the house is a European site of historical significance.

Business in Amsterdam

Considered a key city in the European market, Amsterdam continues to thrive economically. A stable tourism trade and attractive work-life balance means more businesses are drawn to the city, both to establish offices and to make contacts with industry leaders. Amsterdam is also home to many business conferences and events which attract business interest from industries across the globe.


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View from bridge over canal in Amsterdam