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All Posts in January 2011

New rail link will improve connections to business-friendly Manchester

Written by on 31st January 2011
Category: Business travel and relocation

Plans for a high-speed rail link between London and Manchester have been mooted at regular intervals over the last five years, but since the coalition government came to power in May last year these plans have become more concrete.

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Areas you should visit in 2011

Written by on 28th January 2011
Category: Business travel and relocation

This month, The New York Times published a list of its top 41 places to visit in 2011. Why 41? We’re not quite sure. But the list, which focuses on the international cities that are thriving and fascinating places to visit this year, has some intriguing inclusions.

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London Monopoly Board: 75 Years On

Written by on 26th January 2011
Category: Business travel and relocation

Monopoly has been entertaining the nation now for 75 years and many consider it to be a British institution. A recent Guardian article took a trip down memory lane, as journalist Michael Hann and London historian Jerry White visited whichever locations the dice landed on to see how these famous places have stood the test […]

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Serviced apartments in Scotland

Written by on 21st January 2011
Category: Serviced apartment news

Gamesa, the Spanish wind turbine manufacturer, has announced plans to set up its centre for offshore engineering in Glasgow and establish a logistics and manufacturing centre in Dundee, creating up to 300 jobs in total.

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No parking, map reading or road rage

Written by on 14th January 2011
Category: Business travel and relocation

The usual problems faced by commuters and travellers alike over the festive period –  traffic, cost and lack of availability – were all magnified this year due to the bad weather we experienced in the UK.

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The Ashes are just part of Australia and England’s intertwined cultural history

Written by on 7th January 2011
Category: SilverDoor news

It can’t have escaped the notice of many people living in England that the national cricket team have won the Ashes in Australia for the first time in 24 years.

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