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Power to the people? The future of hotel and apartment ratings

Written by on 25th February 2011
Category: Serviced apartment news

Fancy ingesting some bizarre complaints, undiluted vitriol or out-and-out madness? Head to the comment section below any online news article, or to travel review websites, to read comments on a variety of subjects that will shock and surprise with their utter weirdness.

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Technology at SilverDoor

Written by on 17th February 2011
Category: SilverDoor news

At SilverDoor we know how important is it to keep up with the times, so during recent months we have upgraded all of the technology systems in the SilverDoor office.

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Superheroes vs super detectives: the UK film industry

Written by on 11th February 2011
Category: Serviced apartment news

Debate has been raging in social networking sites and the media ever since British actors Henry Cavill and Andrew Garfield were cast as Superman and Spider-Man in the forthcoming Hollywood blockbusters. 

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Escaping the rat race: Goodbye urban life

Written by on 2nd February 2011
Category: Business travel and relocation, Featured apartments

When urban life gets too gritty for workers in the bustle of the city, many are drawn to the quieter pace of life in the UK’s countryside.

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