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All Posts in March 2011

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How to make relocation easier

Written by on 31st March 2011
Category: Business travel and relocation

This week Sian Williams, the BBC Breakfast presenter, announced that she plans to leave the show ahead of its move to Salford. The BBC plans to move half of its operations outside of London by 2016, and Williams is just one of a number of staff who’ve criticised the decision.

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This year we did something funny for money

Written by on 24th March 2011
Category: SilverDoor news

For the past 25 years Comic Relief has strived to create a just world free from poverty, and their mission statement says that they aim ‘to drive positive change through the power of entertainment.’

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Happy Holi!

Written by on 21st March 2011
Category: Business travel and relocation

This weekend, thousands of people across the world celebrated the Hindu festival of Holi. Called the ‘festival of colour’, it’s celebrated across north India, usually in February/March on the last full moon day of the 12th month of the Hindu calendar. 

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Why gender equality is better for business

Written by on 15th March 2011
Category: Business travel and relocation

The centenary of International Women’s Day was celebrated nationwide last week with marches, concerts and other special events, as well as extensive media coverage: a quite remarkable phenomenon for a country that usually lets the day pass without a whimper. 

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Bournemouth: Off to the seaside

Written by on 11th March 2011
Category: Serviced apartment news

When they think of Bournemouth, most people conjure up images of sandy beaches and the grey brigade. This, however, could not be further from the truth.

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UK businesses wait with baited breath over new Bribery Act

Written by on 4th March 2011
Category: Business travel and relocation

Last Sunday night saw the highlight of the awards season, the 83rd Academy Awards – or Oscars, as they are commonly known. This year there was one thing missing: no, I’m not referring to the originality of the acceptance speeches, but to the nominee goody bags.

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