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All Posts in June 2011

The ‘bleisure travel’ phenomenon

Written by on 30th June 2011
Category: Business travel and relocation

The business press loves a new buzz phrase. The latest is ‘bleisure travel’, adapted from a trend that originally referred to men’s fashion (linen shirts and loafers, anyone?) to explain the increasingly blurred line between our business and leisure time. Although few of us are likely to use the term, most of us have been […]

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The importance of exercise for business travellers

Written by on 22nd June 2011
Category: Business travel and relocation

A new survey carried out by Venues Event Management shows that fitness facilities are becoming increasingly important for business travellers. 73% think that it is ‘very’ important to be able to exercise when away on business, while the remaining 27% said it was ‘fairly’ important.

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Prague is far more than just a tourist destination

Written by on 17th June 2011
Category: SilverDoor news

Prague has been a popular tourist destination since the early 1990s, when the Velvet Revolution was followed by an influx of curious visitors from western Europe.

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Real world social networking

Written by on 9th June 2011
Category: Business travel and relocation

Real world social networking is not perhaps as fashionable since the rise of social media but the benefits of face-to-face contact with people means that it can never really be replaced. 

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How smart phones are changing business travel

Written by on 3rd June 2011
Category: Business travel and relocation

Who would have thought such a small device could be so powerful? In the years since their invention, smart phones have catalysed numerous changes in the way we communicate and do business, from the success of social networking sites such as Twitter, which thrive through hand-held portable devices, to the growth of mobile apps and […]

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Business Speak

Written by on 2nd June 2011
Category: Business travel and relocation

The English language is a mutable thing, full of surprises and constantly adapting to its purpose. It’s one of its best qualities, but it’s not one that’s short of contention. Take the recent intrusion of the words ‘innit’, ‘grrl’ and ‘thang’ into the Collins Scrabble Dictionary.

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