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All Posts in May 2012

57 days to go: Are you excited yet?

Written by on 31st May 2012
Category: London

The Olympic Games are fast approaching and for the past few weeks the Olympic torch has been making its way around the UK. Today it will be arriving in the northern town of Bolton, before heading to Liverpool and then catching a ferry to Ireland.

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Paris, New York, London: Which is your favourite?

Written by on 25th May 2012
Category: Business travel and relocation

“I like London roughly twice as much as I like New York, but three times as much as I like Paris. And I love all three,” writes Ben Macintyre in a recent Times article. While Macintyre can find plenty to love about each city, he also recognises their flaws.

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My sojourn in Southampton

Written by on 24th May 2012
Category: SilverDoor news

Southampton has been in the news more than usual this year. As the first departure point on the Titanic’s fateful journey 100 years ago, the city has organised a number of commemorative events and opened a museum with a permanent Titanic exhibition. We took a look at some of the best Southampton serviced apartments in […]

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Is London the most visited city among business travellers?

Written by on 16th May 2012
Category: Business travel and relocation

London is currently the most visited city by business travellers, according to a recent survey by expenses specialist Concur.

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What do Cripplegate, Cordwainer, Vintry and Portsoken have in common?

Written by on 14th May 2012
Category: London

They’re all historic areas within the City of London, and many of us have probably been to them. While some – Aldgate and Bishopsgate, for example – are still widely used, most of them have been supplanted by more modern names.

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Cut the cost of corporate travel

Written by on 8th May 2012
Category: Serviced apartment news

At a time when many businesses are looking to cut costs, here are some of the best ways to reduce spending on corporate travel.

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