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Paris, New York, London: Which is your favourite?

Written by on 25th May 2012
Category: Business travel and relocation

“I like London roughly twice as much as I like New York, but three times as much as I like Paris. And I love all three,” writes Ben Macintyre in a recent Times article. While Macintyre can find plenty to love about each city, he also recognises their flaws.

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Is London the most visited city among business travellers?

Written by on 16th May 2012
Category: Business travel and relocation

London is currently the most visited city by business travellers, according to a recent survey by expenses specialist Concur.

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Cut the cost of corporate travel

Written by on 8th May 2012
Category: Serviced apartment news

At a time when many businesses are looking to cut costs, here are some of the best ways to reduce spending on corporate travel.

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