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5 business lessons we can learn from Luis Suarez

Written by on 27th June 2014
Category: Business travel and relocation

Tuesday night marked a huge upset for international football. Not only did Uruguay qualify for the round of 16 sending Italy home, but astonishingly Luis Suarez bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. This is the third time Suarez has used his teeth before his brain; sparking controversy worldwide. 

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How personal can an email be?

Written by on 25th June 2014
Category: Business travel and relocation

According to technology market research company The Radicati Group’s Email Statistics Report, email is the primary form of communication within the business world. In 2013 there were 929m business email accounts with this number expected to grow to 1.1bn by 2017.

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Singapore City Guide - Main Image

Singapore City Guide

Written by on 23rd June 2014
Category: City guides

Singapore is located in Southeast Asia and is an environmentally friendly city which attracts over double its population in tourists every year.

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