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Where Do The World’s Most Successful People Go On Holiday? [Infographic]

Written by on 15th July 2016
Category: Business travel and relocation

We all love a summer holiday; with some preferring a staycation and others choosing to head for some sun, sea and sand. We all have our favourite destinations and we all have places we dream of going to but realistically likely couldn’t afford! Where, however, do the world’s most successful people go on holiday? Fancy […]

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Jack and Elisa’s Luxembourg Report

Written by on 14th July 2016
Category: City guides

Which tiny country offers huge tax incentives to some of the world’s largest corporations? The tempting answer is Panama, but truth be told you don’t have to travel outside Europe to find a tax haven. Say hello to Luxembourg, the world’s last remaining Grand Duchy. Yes, you heard correctly, Luxembourg is still under the rule […]

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