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The Film Buff’s Guide To Serviced Apartments Across The Globe

Written by on 24th August 2016
Category: City guides

The world’s cities are Hollywood’s stages. Since the dawn of cinema, cities around the world have continued to play host to some of the biggest and best releases of all time, from Notting Hill to Taxi Driver. Bridges, parks, rooftops, and street corners have overnight been transformed into popular settings for crime capers, chick flicks […]

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Productivity hacks

10 Productivity Hacks To Transform Every Business Meeting [Infographic]

Written by on 18th August 2016
Category: Business travel and relocation

When we travel with work, there’s a very good chance that the trip will include at least one meeting! We all need these 10 productivity hacks to make it through these trips. It is estimated that, in the USA alone, 11 million formal meetings are held each day. On average, workers will be involved in […]

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The SilverDoor guide to the Rio Olympics 2016

Written by on 5th August 2016
Category: City guides

The Rio Olympics kicks off today, with over 10,000 athletes from 207 countries set to battle it out for bronze, silver and gold medals in 28 different sports.  Over the next month, 33 venues in Rio, and a further five in neighbouring cities São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Brasilia and Manaus, will play host to […]

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