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All Posts in December 2016

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Something to be declared

Written by on 22nd December 2016
Category: Travel

By Anton Constantinou Some us may be familiar with the show ‘Nothing To Declare’ or ‘Border Security: Australia’s Front Line’ – the fly-on wall TV series in which members of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection rummage through people’s luggage at the airport and discover items of the most questionable nature. Clumps of human […]

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10 Lessons You Can Learn From The Nation’s Favourite Christmas Adverts [Infographic]

Written by on 21st December 2016
Category: SilverDoor news

In recent years, part of the excitement in the build-up to Christmas is waiting for the first screenings of the big budget television adverts. Each year the big retailers try to outdo each other with the best, most heartfelt Christmas adverts. In our infographic below we’ve taken a look back at these adverts to see […]

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25 Tips For Surviving A Long Haul Flight [Infographic]

Written by on 20th December 2016
Category: Travel

If the thought of taking a long haul trip is enough to spoil the start of your holiday, our infographic could hold the secret to making your journey much more comfortable. We’ve collated tips from frequent fliers and travel journalists, including one of the UK’s leading providers of cheap flights, that will help make even […]

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Best specialist supermarkets in London

Written by on 19th December 2016
Category: London, Travel

By Anton Constantinou Modern day food shopping in London is not what it used to be. Gone are the days when people relied solely on weekly trips to big supermarkets for all their essentials. Bulk buying has given way to last minute purchases at convenience stores, and a rise in online shopping means you need […]

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Christmas Jumper Day 2016

Written by on 16th December 2016
Category: SilverDoor news

We’re usually a well-dressed bunch at SilverDoor and Citybase Apartments but for one day a year we dig out our best/worst Christmas jumpers to support Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day. This year, as well as collecting a couple of quid from everyone adorning their festive sweaters (some complete with baubles, lights and Santa hats) […]

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The SilverDoor Board To London Serviced Apartments

Written by on 13th December 2016
Category: Business, London

By Anton Constantinou As one of the most iconic board games, Monopoly invites players to buy and sell properties and engage in bidding wars. But Monopoly is more than just a board game; it’s a household name, with over 800 versions released to date, including customisable editions. There’s Monopoly shirts, posters, coffee mugs, art, even […]

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