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All Posts in May 2017

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Aberdeen

Written by on 26th May 2017
Category: City guides

By Anton Constantinou Some call it the Granite City; others believe it’s one of the coldest places in the UK. Either way, Aberdeen is more than just an oil capital. Scotland’s third largest city has plenty to offer in the way of history and opportunity. Famous for its landscape, it’s rich in public parks and […]

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The Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in the UK and Ireland

Written by on 25th May 2017
Category: City guides, Travel

By Anton Constantinou It’s hard to imagine a restaurant scene without the Michelin guide rating system. What started as a simple initiative to boost tyre sales over a century ago has grown into a world famous set of guidebooks that we all know and recognise. Where previously there were limited platforms in place for reviewing […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Office Etiquette For First Time Employees [Infographic]

Written by on 13th May 2017
Category: Business

Your first career job can be nerve-wracking; entering the professional world is a daunting experience, especially for recent graduates. Etiquette at university and in the service industry is completely different to that of an office environment – you simply can’t get away with some of the things you did when you were a student. So, […]

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Long Lane Guide

Written by on 11th May 2017
Category: London, Travel

By Anton Constantinou Long Lane is pretty difficult to miss if you’ve ever spent any time pottering around Southwark. It’s right next to Borough tube station, for starters. It also connects to Tower Bridge Road, which takes you all the way to St Katharine Docks, across the Thames. Given its location, it’s ideally placed for […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Ensuring You’re Not Bumped Off The Plane On Your Next Flight [Infographic]

Written by on 9th May 2017
Category: Travel

Being bumped off a flight is usually the result of overbooking which is where airlines take more bookings than can actually fit on the plane in case of the event that someone doesn’t turn up for their flight. Overbooking has taken a big hit in the news recently but, depending on how you look at […]

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Revealed: The UK’s Alumni Rich List

Written by on 9th May 2017
Category: Business

UK universities are some of the best in the world, producing many successful people over the years. Universities are also great centres for research, responsible for making scientific breakthroughs – the first computer was even created at Manchester University!  But which UK university produces the highest earners? We’ve taken the average salaries of graduates from […]

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