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All Posts in June 2017

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Best Aparthotels in London’s Most Exclusive Postcodes

Written by on 30th June 2017
Category: London, Travel

By Anton Constantinou Looking for somewhere special to stay in London on your next business trip? Many of the city’s streets are among some of the richest in the world, with a longstanding reputation for glitz and glamour. On them lie mansions, penthouses, stately homes and, of course, serviced apartments. Our corporate offering in London […]

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Top Seven Business Lunch Destinations in London

Written by on 29th June 2017
Category: London

By Anton Constantinou Not all important business decisions are made in a boardroom. Getting a deal across the line or a new partner on-board can sometimes boil down to a good meal or the right bottle of wine. After all, we humans are social creatures. And that makes us highly susceptible to the power of […]

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Inside Scoop: Destiny Scotland

Written by on 29th June 2017
Category: City guides, Featured apartments, SilverDoor news, Travel

Here at SilverDoor and Citybase Apartments, we love meeting our property partners, visiting them and staying in their apartments – it’s how we get to know our locations and can personally recommend our properties, as well as providing advice and suggestions to help travellers get the most from their stay. We also love it when they […]

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Mapping The Leading Trade Partners Of Each European Country [Infographic]

Written by on 26th June 2017
Category: Business

Ever wondered which countries do the most trade with each other across Europe? We’ve put together this map which shows the leading trade partner of each European country, and it throws up some pretty interesting results! As you can see, it’s clear that Germany has the biggest economy in the continent, with no less than […]

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10 Polite Manners That Are Actually Rude In Other Countries [Infographic]

Written by on 22nd June 2017
Category: Travel

Most of us do our best to have polite manners whether at home or abroad, and don’t think twice about whether or not the things considered respectful at home may actually cause offence in other parts of the world! If you’re heading off on a holiday or business trip anytime soon, it’s worth considering that […]

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How To Order A Beer / Pizza / Taxi / Coffee In 15 Different Languages Around The World [Infographic]

Written by on 21st June 2017
Category: Travel

Brits abroad are famous for not making the effort to learn the language of the country they’re visiting, so we’ve taken matters into our own hands by showing you how to order the essentials in 15 different languages around the world. Fancy sharing our infographic? <img src=”https://www.silverdoorapartments.com/blog/content/uploads/2017/06/how-to-order.jpg” width=”100%”></p><br /> <p>How To Order A Beer / […]

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