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Best Independent Coffee Shops in London

Written by on 31st August 2017
Category: London

If there’s one thing London does well it’s independent shops, be it boutiques or family-owned restaurants. The quaint names, the vintage furniture, the quirky products – there’s no mistaking their unique appeal. Top of that list in terms of charm are independent coffee shops. Those aromatic hovels tucked away on London’s back streets, which seem […]

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UK vs USA: Different Names For The Same Foods [Infographic]

Written by on 18th August 2017
Category: Travel

Despite both speaking English, the UK and the USA have rather different ways of referring to things… which can be rather confusing when it comes to food in particular. If you are paying a visit to the other side of the pond, you may want to brush up on the differences so that you don’t […]

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The Alternative American College City League Table

Written by on 17th August 2017
Category: Travel

A few months ago we took an alternative look at the traditional university rankings, and rated some of the UK’s biggest university cities based on factors such as safety, LGBTQ friendliness, and of course, how cheap a pint is! Now we’ve taken the same approach, and applied it across the pond, ranking 20 of the […]

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