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All Posts in February 2018

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Serviced Apartments With Amazing In-Room Technology

Written by on 28th February 2018
Category: Business travel and relocation, Travel

By Anton Constantinou Packing the right gadgets is one thing, but what if you could stay in a property with a load of great technology already included. Most serviced apartments, as standard, offer free Wi-Fi and smart TVs. However, there are many providers who go that step further in terms of interactivity. Here are four […]

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Lions of London: Famous Lion Statues In London

Written by on 28th February 2018
Category: City guides, London

By Anton Constantinou Lions are an important part of Britain’s identity. The Barbary lion is a national symbol, dating back to the Middle Ages, that’s been used everywhere from medieval armour to the English Coat of Arms. Nowadays appearing on the England cricket team crest, this distinctive animal is of great cultural significance. As a […]

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10 Must-Have Business Travel Gadgets For 2018

Written by on 26th February 2018
Category: Business travel and relocation

By Anton Constantinou Technology and work trips go hand-in-hand. Gone are the days when business travellers just took away a phone and laptop with them. These days, there are gizmos for everything, from packing your luggage to storing your important documents. Here are 10 must-have business travel gadgets for 2018: 1. Uppel USB All-in-one Worldwide […]

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The Habicus Partner Awards 2018 Revealed

Written by on 23rd February 2018
Category: SilverDoor news

The winners of the Habicus Partner Awards 2018 were revealed on Wednesday in front of over 350 serviced apartment professionals at the Habicus Party. The awards, first launched last year, recognise the success, innovation and hard work of our property partners. We place great value on having close relationships and these awards go some way […]

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The FTSE 100 Boardroom Gender Gap

Written by on 22nd February 2018
Category: Business

More women are slowly being seen in the boardrooms of the UK’s biggest businesses, with Tesco chairman John Allan going so far as to say that white men will soon be an ‘endangered species’ in the boardroom. A 2011 government review into the matter recommended that UK listed companies in the FTSE 100 should all […]

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How Is Elon Musk Single-Handedly Changing The Future Of Transport?

Written by on 22nd February 2018
Category: Travel

It’s rare to come across someone that hasn’t heard the name Elon Musk before. A self made entrepreneur, and inventor of many revolutionary businesses, he looks to be a visionary to lead us into a more clever and efficient world, with even bigger boundaries. Amongst Musk’s projects, he has delved into the world of travel, […]

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