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All Posts in July 2018

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Top Food Bloggers Share Their Favourite Recipes for Serviced Apartments

Written by on 31st July 2018
Category: Travel

By Anton Constantinou Having the ability to cook your own food in a serviced apartment is a great asset to any business traveller. All those trips away can get very expensive, and eating out every day isn’t always cost-effective. A typical serviced apartment boasts a full kitchen with a fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, and everything […]

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Bounce Back Billionaires: The Richest People Who Lost It All Before Bouncing Back

Written by on 31st July 2018
Category: Business

We often look up to those with bulging bank accounts and think that they have it all, but it’s not always as easy as you think being a millionaire or billionaire, and many of the world’s richest people have blown their entire fortunes, or even been scammed out of them! However, here are 6 of the […]

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Revealed: Here’s How Much You Have To Earn To Live Comfortably Around The UK

Written by on 24th July 2018
Category: Business

Just how much do you need to be earning to live comfortably in your town or city? It’s no surprise that some places are more expensive than others, but according to the housing charity Shelter, your rent should only make up around 35% of your income. With this in mind, which UK towns and cities […]

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Top Tips for Relocating With Children

Written by on 23rd July 2018
Category: Business travel and relocation

By Anton Constantinou Moving home can be a stressful time for children. Kids get very attached to their surroundings, and the prospect of a new home may seem like the scariest thing in the world. As a parent, there are various steps you can take to make your relocation more family-friendly. Here are seven tips […]

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Inside Scoop: Sweet Inn

Written by on 16th July 2018
Category: Serviced apartment news

When you’re away on business, it’s important to feel at home. Our property partners go to great lengths to ensure that business travellers are comfortable in their surroundings, by offering accommodation that’s welcoming and hassle-free. Sweet Inn, an operator we work with, does especially well in this regard. Their apartments are fun, free-spirited, and are […]

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Top Serviced Apartments in the Asia-Pacific

Written by on 10th July 2018
Category: APAC, Business travel and relocation

By Anton Constantinou Asia-Pacific is a fast growing region for business travel. Research shows that the Asia business travel market is increasing at twice the rate of the rest of the world, and is forecasted to overtake the Americas in the next decade. It’s predicted that by 2027, corporate travel spend in the Asia-Pacific will […]

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