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All Posts in August 2018

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Inside Scoop: Dusit International

Written by on 31st August 2018
Category: Serviced apartment news

By Anton Constantinou Thailand is a country known for its hospitality, and, for proof of that, you need only look to the apartments provided by Dusit International. Dusit is a multinational property provider offering five-star accommodation with a focus on traditional Thai values like kindness and compassion. The company operates in over 15 countries and […]

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Corporate Housing vs. Hotels

Written by on 28th August 2018
Category: Business travel and relocation, Travel

Business travellers are always confronted with a range of different options when booking accommodation in a new city. Hotels are always in consideration. However, other forms of accommodation such as short-term rentals and corporate housing are also an alternative. Corporate housing is essentially the transatlantic equivalent of the serviced apartment. Corporate housing actually predates the […]

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Inside Scoop: Flying Butler Apartments

Written by on 24th August 2018
Category: Serviced apartment news

By Anton Constantinou Flying Butler is a property provider that we’ve been working with for years now, and we’re very proud of the relationship that’s blossomed. In that time, we’ve seen the company expand, evolve its offering, and take on various new members of staff, including Reservations and Account Executive, Kiki Chatzigiannaki. Since joining Flying […]

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You’ve Been Shamed: A Humorous Round-Up of Sharing Economy Reviews

Written by on 22nd August 2018
Category: Business, Business travel and relocation

By Anton Constantinou The sharing economy has seen its fair share of comical moments. From passengers throwing up on themselves in the back of taxis, to drivers delivering food to the wrong locations – and eating it en-route – we’ve witnessed some truly outrageous situations take place, and with that, a number of scandals. A […]

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Inside Scoop: Living Rooms

Written by on 15th August 2018
Category: Serviced apartment news

By Anton Constantinou Few cities are as impressive as London, with its dense history and reputation for luxury. For a serviced apartment provider, it’s the place to be, and, for those fortunate enough to operate centrally, the potential for growth is huge. Living Rooms operates right in the city centre, in some of London’s greatest […]

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The Most Instagrammable Spots in Asia-Pacific

Written by on 10th August 2018
Category: APAC

By Anton Constantinou Few places on this earth are more photogenic than Asia-Pacific. The region accounts for some truly spectacular sights, and looks just as great on camera as it does in the flesh. From vast mountains to jaw dropping skyscrapers, there is no shortage of great things to see, which might go to explain […]

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