3 ways serviced apartments reduce your company’s travel spend

Written by on 17th September 2015
Category: Business Travel

The advantages of staying in a serviced apartment are clear – more space, kitchen facilities and greater privacy, to name a few – but there are also massive benefits for Travel Managers who are looking to cut down on their travel spend.

Rate per night


The first point is the most obvious; the actual rate per night of a serviced apartment will save you money. While a one bedroom serviced apartment is roughly the same rate as an equivalent hotel room, the rate per night will decrease the longer you stay. The rate decreases because operators prefer to accommodate long-term stays but it’s also assisted by the fact that once a stay surpasses 28 days, tax drops from 20% to just 4%. Take a look at the chart above to see how the dynamic pricing of serviced apartments mean you can make considerable savings.

Food bills


Meals have been shown to be the third largest cost of business traveller after airfare and accommodation, but this needn’t be the case. All serviced apartments are fitted with kitchen facilities allowing your employees to cook meals from the comfort of their accommodation. Room service is still available at a number of serviced apartment properties but by cutting back on just a few pricey meals, food expenses can be drastically reduced.



Now, this last point doesn’t directly reduce the cost of your travel spend but it does save you time, meaning you can focus on making saving in other areas of travel. For long-term temporary accommodation, some companies will look into letting a property but this comes with a hefty amount of administration. Serviced apartments are booked in pretty much the same way as a hotel. There are rarely any tenancy agreements or complicated documentation to complete before employees can check-in to their apartment.

So there you have it, three ways booking serviced apartments help to reduce your travel spend. This is just one benefit of booking serviced apartments, read on for an in-depth guide to why Travel Managers choose SilverDoor for their serviced apartments needs.

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