4 of the best business travel gadgets

Written by on 16th April 2013
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Even with the presence of Skype and conference calls, there’s nothing quite like meeting with someone face-to-face to build and strengthen business relationships.

Here are our top four travel gadgets that we recommend for increasing productivity and making the most of your business trip:

1. MyCharge

One thing that almost every business traveller can empathise with is the feeling of complete dread when your phone flashes up with the “low battery” notification.

MyCharge is an extra battery for smartphones, giving you the freedom to charge multiple devices on the go and eliminating the worry of running out of battery halfway through your day.  Even better, it can recharge itself right from your laptop. This small lightweight gadget fits perfectly in your briefcase or handbag, making it the perfect solution for the non-stop business traveller.

2. Kensington AbsolutePower Charger

It goes without saying that, in this day and age, the average business traveller will have numerous technological devices with them at any one time which, inevitably, will need charging at some point.

Kensington AbsolutePower Charger provides 100 watts of power to charge your laptop and two other devices simultaneously, such as your smartphone and your iPad. The charger comes with replaceable tips to fit different types of laptop chargers, providing the perfect secondary or replacement charger.

3. MiFi Liberate

Battery life isn’t the only worry on the road. Although most mobile devices and laptops work well with Wi-Fi, much to our frustration it’s not always available everywhere.

When Wi-Fi isn’t available and 3G isn’t enough, MiFi Liberate can be the perfect solution. It’s a wireless hotspot that connects devices to fast LTE and has an easy-to-use touchscreen. Whether you’re in a crowded conference, an important business meeting, or simply travelling between the two, MiFi Liberate will allow you to check emails, send tweets and do research online by simply placing this small gadget near you.

4. Martian Watch

And then there’s every man’s dream: the chance to feel like James Bond. The Martian Watch may look like an ordinary watch, but it certainly has a lot more to offer. At the mere touch of a button you can use the watch to make calls; send voice commands; and read emails, text messages and tweets. The fact that it’s on your wrist helps you to reach maximum productivity in any situation, especially when you’re on the go.

Although there are plenty of others on the market, we think these gadgets are perfect for increasing your productivity while travelling on business, and can provide ideal solutions to countless common issues.

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