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Inside Scoop: BeeAar Hospitality Reveal All

Written by on 30th November 2012
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This week we chat to Rohan Bhargava from BeeAar Hospitality who fills us in on the serviced apartment industry in India: how more and more international corporations are setting up a base over there and why home will always be where the heart is.

Can you tell us a bit about your business?

BeeAar Hospitality are an Indian based hospitality company primarily focused on the corporate market. Our clients include many of the large telecommunication and IT companies like IBM and Microsoft, and pretty much all the big embassies in India. We effectively work in three locations. One is in the Delhi NCR region and we also have small presence in Mumbai and in Chennai.

BeeAar Hospitality works with many large information technology companies
Many information technology companies are opening offices in India – SilverDoor Apartments also has a technology office in Hyderabad

How long have you been in operation?

Since 2002, so BeeAar Hospitality is more than 10 years old now and it’s been quite an interesting time with the increased demand in India as a lot of companies have been opening offices in the country.

How do you see the serviced apartment industry differ in India from UK?

I guess the key difference is that in India, aside from the traditional formula, it’s very common to rent out rooms within a single apartment. We have found it works well when one company is taking an apartment for several of its employees to share on the duration of their project; each room will have its own en suite but will share the common space. It’s good when junior staff are staying for a few months on a single project to work together as they have the evenings to socialise. It’s developed from companies booking the apartments for long periods then using them as and when required.

India and the UK differ in many ways
India and the UK differ in many ways, the serviced accommodation is no exception

Do you have new projects in the pipelines?

No, we are focusing all our efforts on solidifying our presence in India and building on our client relations to reach a point where we can say, “Where do you need to be” and we’re able to find you an apartment there.  The company was founded by my father and I’ve been based here for 11 years now. I see that in the future there is a lot of potential for us to grow within India as more corporations begin to move offices over there.

Quick fire round

Wine or beer: Wine

Beach holiday or city break: Beach holiday

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook

Tea or coffee: Coffee

England or India: Always a tough one, but India

BeeAar Properties

Beverly Park Apartment

With an impressive range of on-site amenities, Beverly Park is ideal for business travellers
Beverly Park is a large apartment complex in central Gurgaon

With an impressive range of on-site amenities, Beverly Park is ideal for business travellers. As Rohan pointed out, companies in India often prefer to book an apartment with multiple rooms for groups of their employees so this spacious three-bedroom apartment fits this criteria perfectly. Guests can enjoy use of the on-site gym, café and restaurant, as well as private kitchen and laundry facilities.

Grand Arch Apartments

BeeAar Apartments are perfect for relocating with a family
Cosy bedroom in which to relax after a busy day of working in the city

These two-bedroom Grand Arch Apartments are perfect if you are travelling or relocating with your family: free parking, a private balcony and kitchen and laundry facilities. As with many BeeAar properties, this features a wide range of on-site amenities such as a gym, sauna, swimming pool and restaurant, café, bar and food shop.