Business in New Zealand? The Ultimate Business Travel Guide to Auckland.

Business in New Zealand? The Ultimate Business Travel Guide to Auckland.

Business in New Zealand? The Ultimate Business Travel Guide to Auckland.
5th August 2022

As ‘New Zealand’s Economic Powerhouse’, business in Auckland generates around $20 billion every year, and the city dominates many of the country’s industries. This immense economic success, alongside its high standard of living and ethereal landscape, has made Auckland New Zealand’s most populous city and attracts many business professionals every year.

 At SilverDoor, we understand that professionals are increasingly looking to Auckland as their next business destination. For this reason, we wanted to provide our clients with the ultimate guide for staying in Auckland on business. From navigating the bustling professional side of the city, to exploring the heart of Auckland’s culture and natural beauty, this guide provides all you need to know to make your business trip to New Zealand a great one.

The Essential Know-How for Staying in Auckland

Auckland Cityscape - business in Auckland
Auckland's harbour separates the bustling Central Business District from the more suburban areas of the city
  • You can use the driving licence from your home country for the first 12 months of your stay – car rental companies can be conveniently found near Auckland Airport and the Central Business District.
  • New Zealand has three main mobile service providers: Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees. Essential for those who rely on their phone for business!
  • Card is the most common method of payment in New Zealand, with some businesses not accepting cash as a payment option.
  • Due to a reciprocal health agreement, UK citizens are entitled to free or subsidised ‘immediately necessary healthcare’ (including ambulance services) during their stay – just make sure to show your passport!
  • Summer months in New Zealand are from December to February, although the weather can often be unpredictable no matter the season.

Best Places to Conduct Business in Auckland

Work spaces for staying in Auckland
As a booming economic hub, Auckland houses many workspaces for professionals in the city

As a buzzing economic hub, the city has an abundance of business spaces available to professionals staying in Auckland. For those looking for conference rooms in the city, many venues can accommodate business meetings of various sizes. For example, the New Zealand International Convention Centre houses 33 meeting spaces, as well as an exhibition hall and theatre (for business conventions) – suitable for smaller groups, as well as large groups of up to 4,000 people. It is known by the community for its regular business conventions which continue to bring new faces to the city. Alternatively, the Hilton Auckland also provides conference rooms suitable for a variety of groups; its 33 conference rooms can house anywhere from 25 to 400 people. An added bonus of using the Hilton Auckland for your business needs is the gorgeous sea view it offers.

If you’re looking for more a private or relaxed professional environment to conduct business in Auckland, the city provides a number of hireable office spaces as well. The Sapphire Room, for instance, still houses rooms suitable for meetings or conferences whilst also providing office spaces. Professionals who hire these spaces are also given access to The Sapphire Room’s fitted kitchen, sound system, cloakroom and beauty parlour – sure to help you settle in whilst staying in Auckland! Another option for private hire offices can be found in Textile Lofts – as a members-only workspace, the Lofts offers a familiar working space which provides the perfect place for individual and collaborative work.

As you can see, there is no lack of spaces in which to conduct business in Auckland. Whether you’re looking for individual office space, or larger rooms suitable for a conference meeting or convention, business in Auckland is made easy. What’s more, all of the spaces mentioned are conveniently located near to the heart of Auckland’s economy – the Central Business District – and close to the Britomart Transport Hub.

Dining Out with Clients and Partners in Auckland

Restaurant for business in Auckland
There are a range of eateries in Auckland which can be used for quick catch-ups or longer meet-ups

Not only is the CBD the economic heart of the city, it also houses a number of quality cafes, bars and restaurants that are perfect for taking out clients and partners for a bite to eat. For those looking for an impressive fine-dining experience, Auckland does not disappoint! Situated by the Auckland harbour, Ahi provides delicious dishes and striking sea views which are sure to please dinner guests. Also located on the beautiful Auckland waterfront, Wildfire offers a unique upscale experience as the city’s first Brazilian Steakhouse and Hilton Auckland promises prime cuisine perfect for entertaining clients and partners.

For those looking for a more relaxed meet up, the city also offers a plethora of suitable cafes and bars. Cooke’s Restaurant and Bar offers lighter bites and high tea in a sleek, sophisticated environment and the Bellini Bar has an impressive selection of signature drinks. For a more rustic and relaxed atmosphere, Amano offers an array of gorgeous, freshly made pastries from their on-site bakery – perfect for a quick catch-up over coffee. Another coffeehouse sure to impress is the Allpress Roastery; doubling as an art gallery, this café is sure to inspire creativity!

Many cafes, bars and restaurants are available for professionals staying in Auckland on business and looking to build those local connections.

Getting Around in Auckland

Travel when staying in Auckland
The Britomart is known as Auckland's transport hub and it also doubles as a shopping mall

Transport is made easy in the city and a variety of transport methods are available to those staying in Auckland.

As the city moves towards a more sustainable future, walkways and cycle paths are being incorporated into the city’s infrastructure – an excellent way to explore the natural beauty the city has to offer! For more information on walk paths and cycle routes, make sure to visit one of the city’s i-SITE Visitor Information Centres once you get there.

Public transport in Auckland is simple and accessible. Its main transport hub – the Britomart – is located in the CBD; most buses and trains pass through here and ferries dock a 10-minute walk away on the Viaduct Harbour. CityLink (New Zealand’s most popular bus network) provides regular and reliable transport from the Britomart, with fares starting at just 50 cents.

Private transport is also commonly-used and readily available in the city – ideal for more direct routes when on business in Auckland and for those looking to explore the wider city in their off-time. Private Hire Companies – such as Uber or traditional taxis – are available, and car rental companies – such as Omega Rental Cars and Ezi Car Rentals – can be found close to the Auckland Airport and in the Central Business District.

Where to spend your time off in Auckland

Attractions for staying in New Zealand
Auckland houses many attractions to visit during your stay, no matter what your interests are

Auckland combines rich cultural history and awe-inspiring scenery with modern features and advancements. There’s no limit of things to do in the city and there will always be something new to explore whilst staying in Auckland.

For example, the Sky Tower is not just an iconic piece of the cityscape (standing at almost 250m tall), but it also houses some of the best views of the city, a fine-dining restaurant and a bungee-jumping experience! For fans of the Hobbit franchise, the Hobbiton Movie Set Tours run all year long – visitors can choose between tours, short stays, banquets and festivals and experience life in Middle-earth. Auckland also houses a number of museums and art galleries – such as the Auckland War Memorial Museum, the Auckland Art Gallery and the Stardome Observatory and Planetarium – which are definitely worth visiting during your trip. Another popular attraction in the city is the Auckland Zoo which houses at least 144 animal species and is sure to make a good day-out.

A little-known fact about New Zealand is that it consists of around 600 islands – a multitude of which can be found in Auckland. These hidden gems – such as Tiritiri Matanga Island, Waiheke Island and Rangitoto Island – are known for their rich culture and natural beauty; make sure to venture outside of Central Auckland on your days off so you don’t miss out!

If you’re planning a business trip to Auckland, make sure to read our blog on why business is booming in the city, and our guide to the top five serviced apartment in the city for business travellers.

Alternatively, click here to browse our complete portfolio of properties in Auckland.

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